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NameEasy Pose APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Is drawing and sculpting your favorite field? Is there any design application that meets all your expectations and expectations? Now, I would like to introduce Easy Pose to you. This application is a choice that deserves 10 points for people learning to draw. Surely you’ve wanted to personalize your model no less than once. In sketching or illustrating, it is the preferred method to show a variety of poses of a specific character. That’s why Easy Pose was born to help you. Shaping is now as easy as the name of this app. Now artists don’t have to worry about their dolls looking as hard as a log.

Easy Pose mod

Download Easy Pose mod – Create vivid cartoon characters

As you probably already know, many of the drawing applications used to be used to go in the same direction. That is to use the ratio of 8 heads or the ideal height ratio of a man. Although widely used and known, this rule has enormous limitations. For example, it is not suitable for many genres of game illustration, animation, or webtoon, partly due to the rigidity and imposition of this ratio. But it would help if you chose Easy Pose because the manufacturer MadcatGames has improved the above disadvantages well. Easy Pose is carefully designed with a series of models in many styles and body sizes. Therefore, posing for anime or manga on the Easy Pose application is optimized to the absolute extent.

Easy Pose apk

Easy Pose carries a big mission sent by the manufacturer. That is to remove the difficulties in your creative life. It has never been easier to create character poses than in Easy Pose. Getting into the correct posture now shouldn’t be a challenge to keep you from swinging your pen. Intuitive controls give you the freedom to create poses as you imagine. In addition, the 3D gizmo feature is born for you to take advantage of. Combine it and the slider available on the screen so that your character expresses the right message. In addition, Easy Pose allows players to export designs as PNG files. It’s great that my child’s plan can show off to friends.

Easy Pose mod apk

Various poses available

In case you are a newbie who is still confused when creating a shape, do not worry. Easy Pose enables everyone to be creative. In this application, more than 1000 poses are already prepared. They will make creating the first character in your career or passion a lot easier. For players not to be difficult to access and find, the groups of available poses are divided by topic. For example, issues about couples, sports, musical instruments… Especially, Easy Pose allows you to create more than a single position. It is possible to create a scene of a ball fight between two players or a flexible dance of a couple. A location can accommodate up to 6 people.

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Easily create flexibility

The factor for Easy Pose to produce many characters in a flexible context is the ability to adjust the joints. For example, you can edit joints smoothly in the legs, arms, or any other part. First, it is necessary to mark the details of the body and locations capable of movement on the character. Then initialize the coupling and the operation state you desire. Players can also find poses that are symmetrical with the drawing through the mirror function. Even when controlling the mouse is not a problem. So, many poses considered difficult such as yoga or aerobics, will also be as flexible as the real thing because the artist and friend have reflected it from many angles.

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Lots of decoration options

Not only is it easy to create, but it is also convenient for you to decorate your creative drawings. This section has two main areas: character decoration and context decoration. About the characters, you can choose to dress up and change their colors. Color all the poses you have drawn to highlight their identity, profession, and personality. For example, mannequins, dancers, martial artists, teenagers… Besides, if you are completing a series of fighting animations, Easy Pose can also be customized. The game has 29 weapons and shapes dedicated to both male and female warriors. As for the background, up to 700 props give you perspective and adjust the distance according to the camera distance.

Through a little introduction and description above, you surely want to try Easy Pose immediately. An application of design with unprecedented meticulousness. Not only can you customize your body shape, but even the smallest part. You can also set your fingers to create high-quality poses when holding objects. The ways of shading or lighting are also very true to the artist’s standards. In addition, the autosave function gives you peace of mind when unexpected errors occur. Download Easy Pose mod now to show off your design talent.

Download Easy Pose MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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