Elune MOD APK 2.11.19 (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier)

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NameElune APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Elune is a game for gamers who love the action RPG genre. Accompany the character, perform attacks on all areas. Chaos in the universe, appearing many battles from monsters. You will have to stand up to decide to fight, destroy them. Prevent all actions, protect humanity. Each battle will take place, bringing dangerous challenges. Each match will have different monsters and enemies, allowing you to fight them decisively. Create a path to victory, leaving no enemy forces to harm. Repel the dangerous harm caused by the opponent and complete build a safe universe.

Elune mod

Download Elune mod – Destroy the forces that destroy the world

When the whole world is being attacked by opponents, will you stand by and watch or fight back? Elune will let you show your abilities and strength. More raids will also begin, exploring every area. Together with the warriors, assemble a powerful force. Help the whole world quickly escape the period of doom. The enemy always wants to invade, carry out evil plots. You will have to face challenges, go to war to complete the goal. Explore each new land story, fight like a real hero. Summon many warriors, fight in Five Heroes and Heroes Legend.

Elune mod apk

A turn-based role-playing combat game, controlling a warrior ready to attack. The ancient forest of Astoria is the first place the player moves to. You will go with the character to each location to start with the challenge. Everywhere is in a situation of siege, attack. Every place you go will have to face opponents. Adjust all tactics, train the whole army to become strong. Accompany the hero on all fierce fronts. In addition to performing combat, it is recommended to combine close defense. Deals consequential damage does not allow enemies to counterattack. This will also consume a lot of mana per attack. Consider using inappropriate situations to preserve power.

Elune mod free

Combat journey

Players will enter the journey with countless challenges. Lead the whole team to every space, place, where the enemy is concentrated. Each place will open war for you to join. Confront each opponent, try to confront the bosses. Each level of play will give players their own experiences. There is a way to deal with each enemy, react quickly to unexpected situations. Strategize as well as train soldiers to join the battle in this journey. The difficulty will also increase, requiring players with the same army to have the right strength and strategy. Conquer all missions, bring back excellent achievements.

Elune mod android

Summon heroes

The battle in Elune will require the support of other soldiers. You will need to summon heroes to battle. Recruit people with strength and fighting skills in every battle. Set up a powerful army, ready to fight in every area. With more than 200 Elunes of 5 different classes, in charge of each position. They will take turns entering the battles, demonstrating their role in each attack. Assess the strength through the fighting style, the ability of each warrior. Arrange positions and train all skills for the army. Unleash all the ultimate skills, and join them in declaring war on all the enemies that appear. A strong squad will also be a way to overcome the challenge more easily.

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Warrior’s strength

Each hero will be equipped with weaponry and tactical equipment. Come up with a way to deal with all opponents, even cruel monster bosses. Players can also make upgrades to make them stronger. Personal stats, health will also be increased when players level up the character. Go to the depths of space, eliminate all enemies. Close coordination and support of each member of the army will be the way to achieve high results. Prepare everything from weapons, necessary items before going to battle. Evolve and customize your Elunes to create new breakthroughs in each battle. Possessing excellent warriors, determined to conquer all challenging levels. Download Elune mod to fight, restore world order.

Download Elune MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android

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