Endless Nightmare 2 MOD APK 1.2.9 (Dumb enemy/God mode)

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NameEndless Nightmare 2 APK
Publisher707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Nightmares are terrible, as we witness in Endless Nightmare 2. This is getting out of control, with things being exceedingly terrible. It can cause you to collapse and be surprised when you meet them completely. Legendary monsters will be brought to your challenge. Create an unprecedented terrible chase in a place as dark as hell. Whether you can exit or not depends on how you handle it. The calm person can find a way that is best for him. But those who let fear take over their minds are different. They could never escape the terror created like that.

Endless Nightmare 2 mod android

Download Endless Nightmare 2 mod – Escape from the nightmare

To stimulate your own emotions, horror movies are the right choice. But not only that but the horror is multiplied horribly as a game. Endless Nightmare 2, with its diverse transformation, has created a masterpiece. Bringing great success when creating something like no other. A compilation version of all previous successful games. This chaos makes players always have fear when experiencing it. If you have enough courage, you should consider trying yourself. It can be a comprehensive assessment of your ability to face your fears. In addition, excitement will also eliminate fatigue.

Starting, the player will be in the role of a man named Jake. He is a coroner and is pursuing mystical events taking place in a town. This town called Oak has a mysterious hospital that exists where a lot of disappearances happen. Help this man investigate all the clues in the hospital. At the same time, face monsters that may appear with the weapons you have. Fierce fighting will help you find escape routes. The most important thing is not to give the enemy a chance to attack at any cost. Time is something that you should ensure before things get complicated.

Endless Nightmare 2 mod apk free

Complex map

The game’s map system can make you extremely confused if you play for the first time. It will include a lot of different rooms located on the floors. You will start from the top floor and to the lower floors. Each room will contain things that can help or threaten you. For example, enemies may appear in the hallway and attack if you make a loud noise. We will have instructions to find the way out of the current place. You will have to survive until you escape this crazy hospital without injury. Under no circumstances should you ever panic, as it will get you into a lot of trouble.

Endless Nightmare 2 mod apk

Collect weapons

Being in the hospital is not all about your disadvantages. There’s still a lot that can come up and save your life promptly. What we can hope for the most are potent weapons that can destroy the enemy. They are divided into two categories: guns and rudimentary melee weapons. The gun will have shotguns, pistols, and rifles for you to choose and use freely. And melee weapons will include knives, axes, saws, and sticks, … These weapons can be upgraded with the resources you harvest. This will increase damage and effectiveness when used while fleeing. How many enemies can you kill with the weapon in hand?

Endless Nightmare 2 mod free

Facing the boss

Indeed, the bosses are something that we will have to deal with extremely difficult. The bosses will go to war once you have reached the critical floors of the hospital. They will alert you to sudden noises or appearances. It would be best if you defeated them with everything you had. Combined with hiding and quickly attacking in a frenzy. Dodge the dangerous attacks that can be made from their bloodlust. The bosses downstairs are getting stronger and stronger. They will far exceed the abilities of the normal monsters you encounter. Survival is the priority that we need to think about.

Endless Nightmare 2 mod

We can gradually improve our skills to overcome these significant challenges. Make the necessary upgrades to have a more complete and powerful character. Have no fear when confronting powerful forces right in front of you. Meet characters from famous games and defeat them once and for all. Nothing can stop the complex puzzle-solving in Endless Nightmare 2 mod.

Download Endless Nightmare 2 MOD APK (Dumb enemy/God mode) for Android

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