Eyes: Scary Thriller MOD APK 7.0.64 (Unlimited money, eyes)

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NameEyes: Scary Thriller APK
PublisherFearless Sp. z o.o.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, eyes
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Come to the deserted house and start with the escape from the demons. Eyes: Scary Thriller is a horror game, bringing many mysterious elements. If you are a person who likes adventure and horror, you cannot ignore Eyes: Scary Thriller. The game will let the player be started with the chase. The devil is constantly following and looking for a way to take your life. Alone in this place, and had to fend for himself. At the same time, perform their duties. That is to get the money in this house. Then quickly run away to keep yourself safe.

Eyes Scary Thriller mod apk

Download Eyes: Scary Thriller mod – Run away from the demons in the house

This place used to be the home of a rich man. But the mansion itself was left uninhabited for a long time. Players will enter this house and search for where large amounts of money are kept. But in the process of searching, you will feel like someone is always following. Those are the ghosts that follow, making the atmosphere of the house scarier. At this point, what will you have to do? Stand there screaming or quickly run away from this place? A fight for survival will begin. You will have to face them and fight to be able to resist the demons. Come to Eyes: Scary Thriller and join run away from the demons.

Eyes Scary Thriller mod free

A cold and lonely landscape appeared. Go around each area and do your duty. What makes the game attractive does not stop there. The thrilling, mysterious element appearing here will make you scared. This will be a game for the brave, not for the faint of heart. Experience playing Eyes: Scary Thriller in the dark, you will feel the same feeling in real life. Demons will always follow and harm you at any time. Therefore, try to complete the mission and quickly find the escape door. Eyes: Scary Thriller will be a game for you to challenge yourself against the demons.

Eyes Scary Thriller mod

Mysterious room

Enter each room and look for hiding places for the money bags. This is the primary goal of the player when breaking into the mansion. Go to every corner, room in the house. There were groans and screams in the quiet space. Eyes: Scary Thriller will bring a creepy atmosphere that makes players panic. At this time, the player has discovered the mysterious things in the mansion. The presence of demons would make this place a mess. Find ways to escape and keep yourself safe. Every room in the house was dark, presenting a terrifying prospect. Recreate the most realistic way for players to immerse themselves in the current atmosphere that Eyes: Scary Thriller brings.

Eyes Scary Thriller mod android

Escape from the devil

Ghosts move subtly, they can be in any position. Therefore, you will not be able to avoid the demons. While looking for money, collect the items in the house. Those items will bring many benefits to the player. The monsters are always hiding and can catch you at any time. When you spot a ghost, staying calm is what you need to do. Then, dash to other rooms so that they lose control. Accelerate as fast as you can to move to a safe place. The more narrow and dark the sites are, the more demons will gather there. Therefore, do not stay in those locations too long if you do not want to lose your life. Quick to run fast to lose track before the ghosts attack.

Eyes Scary Thriller mod download

Locate haunted locations

Once it has been discovered that the mansion is haunted, the player will need to defend himself. Maps and Eye Runes are the way to find out where ghosts hide. Looking at the map, you will get a detailed view of each road and place in that house. Identify the right place where the ghost is and avoid those areas. Learning to read the map combined with Eye Runes, avoiding ghosts will no longer be too tricky. Try to dodge and not let them attack. The game will end when you are caught by the ghost.

The game brings horror and mystery images to the deserted house. The creepy ghosts, constantly chasing you in the back. Will you be able to escape them and quickly leave this place? Earn a large amount of money is buried in the mansion and run far away. The game is exciting and allows players to come to a silent space with creepy screams. Download Eyes: Scary Thriller mod run away from the demons.

Download Eyes: Scary Thriller MOD APK (Unlimited money, eyes) for Android

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