Fantasy Realm Tower Defense MOD APK 1.52 (Unlimited HP/Shield/Unlock Levels)

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NameFantasy Realm Tower Defense APK
PublisherGyro Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited HP/Shield/Unlock Levels
SupportAndroid 8.0 +
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Many people admire the royal family for the most luxurious and luxurious life. However, along with these great benefits, they must also shoulder a huge responsibility. It is not only the king and queen who must worry about the country’s fate. From a young age, princesses and princes had to prepare themselves to shoulder the country in the future. A similar story will be told at Fantasy Realm Tower Defense. This product is brought to you by the manufacturer Gyro Games. It has had hundreds of thousands of downloads, and most reviews are very high, with many compliments. Maybe you should try to come up with your own experience.

Fantasy Realm Tower Defense mod

Download Fantasy Realm Tower Defense mod – Help the prince defend the kingdom

Fantasy Realm Tower Defense tells the story of a particular kingdom. It was a peaceful place for millions of people. However, one day, many kinds of horror monsters appeared suddenly. They come in many sizes, differing in appearance and capacity. But they all aim to attack the castle and destroy the kingdom. It is not clear who is behind these monsters. However, the immediate thing that everyone sees is to remove them before it is too late. The one entrusted with this noble task was the prince of the kingdom. If he could complete that task well, the king would surely reward him handsomely and even inherit the throne.

Fantasy Realm Tower Defense apk

Fantasy Realm Tower Defense is the 3rd defence game that Gyro Games has ever made. It will have many advancements compared to previous titles and your experience will be improved as well. It can be said that the graphics created by Fantasy Realm Tower Defense are great. It helps to create the perfect fantasy space. As a commander, you need to build tactics for your special defence mission. Make the monsters unable to take a step closer to your castle. Instead, make them suffer and leave respectfully. Fantasy Realm Tower Defense has all 27 levels with different difficulty levels for you to challenge yourself.

Fantasy Realm Tower Defense mod apk

Defeat the monsters

According to information from Fantasy Realm Tower Defense, there will be 11 types of enemies that you need to face. Indeed, each requires different ways of dealing with us. Fantasy Realm Tower Defense also gives many suggestions on how to deal with those monsters. You can make them melt into a thousand pieces, and they cannot heal. In addition, the player can also freeze or burn them. With sharp swords and weapons, you can suddenly pierce their bodies. All missions are directed towards the core purpose of defending the kingdom. So, you don’t need to feel shy when fighting those monsters. Just punish them as you wish.

Fantasy Realm Tower Defense android

Use different types of defence towers

Fantasy Realm Tower Defense has many different types of towers as a defence game. In total, there are 54 types of buildings with levels designed in a way that increases with achievement and time. There are also six upgrades specific to castles. The key to the victory of Fantasy Realm Tower Defense lies in your organization of defence. How to set up and arrange the towers is extremely important. Your choice will determine success or failure. Fantasy Realm Tower Defense does not have too many levels like other titles. However, passing these levels can be unthinkable if you are not excellent. Do not disappoint the king and the masses.

Fantasy Realm Tower Defense apk free

Upgrading guard towers

In addition, the towers in Fantasy Realm Tower Defense can also be upgraded. There are five different branches to make your upgrade more interesting. The big mission can be divided into two main phases with Fantasy Realm Tower Defence. In the first stage, the player must attack to destroy all monsters in close range. The second stage, create a solid defence so that no enemy can come close to bringing danger. Each location will need different tactics. That’s when your creative brain is at its best. Make good use of the advantages that Fantasy Realm Tower Defense gives you to win.

Fantasy Realm Tower Defense is a tower defence strategy game. You must help the prince take on combat defence challenges to protect the kingdom. This requires intelligent strategic thinking. Therefore, bring tactics to surprise your opponent. Download Fantasy Realm Tower Defense mod and defend the kingdom from invading monsters.

Download Fantasy Realm Tower Defense MOD APK (Unlimited HP/Shield/Unlock Levels) for Android

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