Find it! MOD APK 2.0.9 (Unlimited money)

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NameFind it! APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Find it! begin the search for objects that are hidden under many more layers. Hundreds of things are hidden in mysterious locations; your job is to flip them over to get what you want. Every place is strictly concealed; if you don’t flip open each layer, you won’t be able to see it. Quick eyes and quick hands are skills that you need to show. Move to the Japanese garden, where you get a panoramic view of the mess. Explore with keen eyes, taking advantage of the ability to search at all times. The level is getting increasingly complex; the scene you see is highly confusing and difficult to find.

Find it mod apk

Download Find it! mod – Detective skill test

Find it! challenge your eyes; each turn is a time to strain your eyes and brain. If you complete and are passionate about this challenge, this is considered an open playground for brain training. The puzzles are designed regularly, making the challenge both day and night. Your eyes work at their total capacity each time you play a stretch. The requested items are placed at the bottom of the screen; you look there to get them. Looking at the whole and then going into every tiny detail, you will see the small shape of the items. Only a small part of the requested items do not show up right in front of your eyes.

Find it apk free

Players memorize items to find, then flip each item in layers that have been randomly arranged. Players spend a lot of time on a difficult challenge, but sometimes it only takes a few seconds to see the item. Depending on the level, the execution time is fast or slow; please note your score. Completed objects will be marked; you keep searching gradually until completed. The landscapes are designed in various ways; every new screen has a different interface. Players constantly unlock new gameplay to expand their horizons.

Find it

Base expansion

Find it! designed eight block maps and unlocked them individually to discover something special. The objects in each block are flipped open; you can move on to the next round. A picture with messy places, when you find the necessary items, you can reassemble. Your talent will do the finished paintings. Magical destinations are also gradually unlocked; you will feel the beauty. The animations are inspired by books or TV series. To what extent will the colorful characters make for a perfect picture? Play and feel the magic.

Find it apk

Journey of discovery

A fantasy world of your creation or exploration of places that have been Finding it! design. Take a walk in the park, visit a site only in June, or do more exotic than scavenging in the Village. The places you go through will show brilliant colors, and the areas that have not been exploited will have a black screen. The following destinations will be full of secrets; you must unlock them quickly. Items required to find will also bring a significant challenge to the player. Their size is too small or difficult to visualize when hidden. Complete your adventure, and ask for help from friends around if needed.

Find it mod

Eye challenge

In this game, you don’t need super skills; you must be quick. Your agility is the starting key to success. The levels are pushed forward in turn, continuously giving the difficulty to challenge the player when doing Find it! you need patience; just a tiny clue will help you find success. The eyes should be trained regularly to get used to this chaotic scene. The higher level items are required more in quantity, which is also a new problem that needs to be solved by you. Don’t be too greedy to tire your eyes; calmly handle the puzzles; gradually, you will conquer them all.

Find it! With you to conquer hidden objects and pictures. The locations are started, the images are gradually completed, and the playground is constantly updated to come to you. Each person finds their own space to develop skills for their or eyes. If your journey is long, conquering many places, it is a good forecast. Your eyes are accustomed to clutter, and your brain reacts to images quickly. The natural scenery will be your top choice from the city to the suburbs. Combine with players to find the answer before your patience runs out. Download Find it! mod, solve puzzles with increasing difficulty.

Download Find it! MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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