Flippy Knife MOD APK 2.0.8 (Unlimited coins)

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NameFlippy Knife APK
PublisherBeresnev Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited coins
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Become a legendary knife, ax, and sword thrower master. The game will bring you new experiences. Collect many new knife sets and perform professional knife throwing operations. One of the games with high entertainment but also makes you frustrated at times. Sometimes knife throws don’t go as planned. Therefore, it will also require the incredible stamina of the player. Perform knife-throwing combos that make your friends admire. Do you dare to take the knife and throw it to every position? Flippy Knife will help you put aside all fears, participate in dramatic rounds.

Flippy Knife mod

Download Flippy Knife mod – Become a professional knife throwing master

Bring fun gameplay and attractive game modes. Flippy Knife has brought many exciting things to each gamer. Use the knife and throw it at the target you want. Starting the game, gentle music melodies are played. But behind it will be a lot of tasks that will be set for players. The gameplay is simple but also requires ingenuity. Failures will absolutely happen in a row that makes you want to stop the game. Flippy Knife tests your own patience, so don’t rush out of the game. Countless exciting challenges will be available in Flippy Knife. Set a new goal and complete it brilliantly.

Flippy Knife mod apk

If you love thrills and use knives, you can’t ignore Flippy Knife. For those who are strong and not weak of heart. Dare to perform a multitude of moves with the knives that the game provides. It sounds scary when it comes to knives, but it’s not what you think it is. Feel the relaxation through each level of play, but it is also easy to make you uncomfortable when encountering difficult challenges. Try to overcome all that, proceed to higher game modes. Pick up the knife and stab it at all targets. Come to Flippy Knife and try your hand at sharp knives and swords.

Flippy Knife mod android

Try yourself with challenging levels

If you are a confident person who dares to take on challenges, Flippy Knife is no longer a fear. Many levels of play have been provided for you to participate in. Boom mode, with each throw, limited to 3 knives. To make the bomb explode, you will have to throw the knife at the right planks. With only 3 knives, players need to aim accurately at the target to be able to achieve the desired result. If you lose, you will return to the first round. Wooden panels appear a lot in Arcade mode. Here, there is no limit to the number of knife throws. Perform the task of hitting the wooden boards, and you will receive corresponding coins. With the longer distance, the amount received will increase. To be able to win at this level, players need to look carefully before throwing knives. With each game mode, there are countless tasks for you to perform.

Flippy Knife mod download

Blades and other weapons

The tools for you to take on the main challenges are the blades. A multitude of knives with different designs. They come in many different sizes and designs. Players will own and use to participate in each round of play. Collections of knives, axes, and swords will create legends with you. Blades, sharp swords, axes will accompany the player. Each design is diverse, easy for you to hold, and perform throwing at the targets that appear in front of you. Lots of locations for players to throw knives. Parks, schools, restaurants… anywhere can be done. Collect more knives and other weapon equipment. Fill up the collection to complete your quests with excellence.

Flippy Knife mod free

Hit every target

The task that you will need to perform is to throw knives or some other weapon at the targets. Destroy the surface of the wood, plank… It’s an action game, but the entertainment brought is immense. Start playing, the game will give you a knife. Then all you need to do is throw it at each of the targets that have been brought. Sounds really easy to do, doesn’t it? Players pass the first levels without difficulty. However, try to go to higher levels, the difficulty will be increased gradually. At this point, to be able to hit every target requires a careful calculation. And another very important thing is patience. Because failure will happen constantly, and you should get used to it gradually. Download Flippy Knife mod, the master of throwing knives at every precise position.

Download Flippy Knife MOD APK (Unlimited coins) for Android

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