Food Fantasy MOD APK 1.29.1 (Weak enemy/Onehit/Instant win)

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NameFood Fantasy APK
PublisherFundoll Global Limited
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesWeak enemy/Onehit/Instant win
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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Food Fantasy enters a strange world of adventure, starting to collect food souls to serve important diners. This challenge is different from other food games, usually, you will open a shop to cook, but this time it will be different. Players must participate in wars where evil fallen angels converge. So you need to defeat them and get the ingredients to make super high-class dishes. It will still revolve around how you master the recipes and how much skill develops. Accompanying new friends, embarking on managing a unique restaurant, and holding the entire copyright in this territory.

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Download Food Fantasy mod – Become a great waiter

The waiter you play with is the chef, who creates hundreds of delicious dishes. In this world, food spirits cover every corner; you will be the one to find them. Ready to enter the battle to get expensive ingredients. Invasion brings many difficulties for you, constantly renewing for you to have more experience. It is also a way to conquer the dish, not simply but new. Accept the attraction that Food Fantasy created for you to complete this challenge. You will encounter considerable obstacles in this adventure, but it’s okay. Servant like you are ready for battle, win.

Food Fantasy mod apk

The excitement in each match will always be the turning point for you. Going deeper into the story of Food Fantasy, you see mysterious characters. The space for you to serve is new, not just for diners passing by the street. The souls from whom you source your food will also be the ones to contemplate your food directly. This uniqueness is very few games thought of, enjoyable to attract more people to participate. Enjoying before publishing is also a way for you to ensure the safety of the quality of the food. Together to produce many new dishes, bring them to the most demanding diners, and ensure the requirements of each person.

Food Fantasy apk

Combine ingredients

Foie Gras, Gingerbread, Spaghetti, Coffee, and other main dishes are all part of Food Fantasy’s system. To successfully craft these dishes, you must constantly expand your knowledge. Selecting the best ingredients, seasoning, and decorating will attract customers. New recipes are born one after another without losing the taste of traditional flavors. You can combine the dishes on the menu together, creating quality combos. To do that, you must know how to combine, not everything goes together to be a masterpiece. Thanks to the taste buds for unique dishes, if you add or subtract anything, please save it.

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Complete your order

The characters in Food Fantasy are adorable and beautiful. They are all stable customers of the restaurant, with the potential to generate profits for themselves. They will also make their requests, order from the menu, and need to be served. When you see the first order, you enjoy it and complete it as quickly as possible. The dishes must be prepared so that when crowded, there will be no mess. Urgency is necessary, but it must still ensure the output’s quality when it reaches the customer. Take advantage of service skills and complete orders according to customers’ wishes. Do not let your reputation go too far within the understanding of the characters is okay.

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Build a 5-star restaurant

The 5-star criteria for a restaurant always require the most stringent requirements. If you own a chain of restaurants like that, it’s even better. The decoration style will depend on the aesthetic taste of each person, giving the best shape. Encounter with the food soul, making that destiny the measure of the relationship. Take from them the best food, sell it and make a profit for the restaurant. You also need to invest in it if you want to grow long-term. Customize from the minor things, the interior, and the large restaurant premises. Try to maintain 5-star quality; only then will you develop in this field.

Food Fantasy brings the joy of food to the players, but not forgetting the challenge. Great gameplay with smooth design and soft voice when dubbing. The sounds bring you to the pinnacle of your passion for cooking, proving your prowess as soon as possible. The store also needs to have a particular reputation, it can’t just be built and left. Search for the most expensive dishes and top-notch food soul selection. Expand restaurant routes and get more involved in matches. Download Food Fantasy mod, transform into a chef, and access relationships with other servers.

Download Food Fantasy MOD APK (Weak enemy/Onehit/Instant win) for Android

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