FuzzyGrave MOD APK 1.0.6 (Menu/Unlimited money/Phantom stone/Dumb enemy)

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NameFuzzyGrave APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Phantom stone/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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FuzzyGrave joins you in the challenge of role-playing and fighting intense battles. A beautiful female character that you directly control is Satsuki. She is asked to break a nest full of monsters, where many big and small struggles occur. Another world will be opened, followed by many more locations. Players expand their conquered territory to reach the highest value. Face many challenges, and your friend’s reward is coins and diamonds. These are the two most valuable things you can use in future unlocks. Experience the entire dimension of another world, reaching more territories than expected.


Download FuzzyGrave mod – Meet evil monsters

The evil faces are clearly shown on the outside of each opponent. They are usually dinosaurs with sharp spikes; you must use many weapons to destroy them. You already score points every time you cast a move that causes the enemy to move because of pain. The larger the number of issues, the more convenient for your mining, layer by layer, to be unlocked. Actively collect coins and diamonds to complete a considerable weapon collection. Our girl is fragile on the outside, but the steel spirit can overthrow any monster. It would be best if you gave many fighting directions to Satsuki to change the way of fighting. Thus, the opponent will not be able to predict your intentions.

Filled with ferocity from their opponents, they never respect anyone. Whether you are a boy or a girl, they become your number 1 enemy, don’t let things go wrong. Players should fight in the most fierce way to eliminate the evil dinosaurs from the world. They think they can rule the whole world and no one can destroy them. But they were wrong; there is also your appearance, not to mention the support of weapons. Constantly crashing into the opponent’s side, they writhed without being able to resist, and then it was time to attack. Boost your fighting style, keep moving and raise your level.

FuzzyGrave mod

Explore many battlefields

FuzzyGrave gives you access to multiple opponents, so territories are opened up one after another. The map system has been set up, and you quickly invade the nooks and crannies. Unique skills will help you realize that dream and explore many spaces to expand your experience. The battlefields are randomly arranged, and the challenge seems to be rotated. The milestones that make you change are all at the end of the game. Meet the big bosses, and try to fight with your strength. The weapon vehicle system is arranged on either side of the screen like your two effective arms. They will make this battle as explosive as possible.

FuzzyGrave apk

Character upgrade

Players should upgrade their Satsuki character; she needs to be developed. The parameters of rank, age and talent are displayed. You should review them regularly to improve player performance. You must bring her to the top as high as possible; destroying many monsters simultaneously is a great success. Information stations are also constantly updated so that you know the progress of each location. Go into the store and use the money to buy a few items or even weapons to equip yourself. Make her beautiful; your companion must always have the most perfect and perfect appearance.

FuzzyGrave mod apk

Weapon characteristics

FuzzyGrave allows players to use eight weapon vehicles simultaneously to deal with opponents. Out of 20 types, you choose the best ones for you. Initially, you only own a few weapons, but then you have expanded to more thanks to gold and diamonds; more weapons are more powerful, and you use many axes, hammers, swords, and other types to defeat the opponent. Players arrange features to the two sides of the screen; want to use which one, you need to touch them lightly. Each weapon also has a certain amount for you to use, so please balance. The function of each type is different; taking advantage of the right time increases the chances of winning.

FuzzyGrave sets many goals for players to conquer. The number of points is only a part; the important thing is how many enemies you kill. They appear in many places, and the more influential the level. Your body has many different pieces, each with unique abilities. You can take advantage of the main functions of those pieces to advance. An indispensable weapon, more or less, it can also attack. Use the most vital types so that only you can resist. Download FuzzyGrave mod, handle battles with two top-notch weapon arms.

Download FuzzyGrave MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Phantom stone/Dumb enemy) for Android

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