Galaxy Hoppers MOD APK 1.23 (Unlocked all characters)

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NameGalaxy Hoppers APK
PublisherWizard Games Incorporated
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all characters
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Galaxy Hoppers unlock heroes and conquer every arena in the vast universe. Obstacles make it difficult nor do you lose your mind, always ready to defeat your opponent. The plays show intelligence, the strategy you devise must convince the enemy. The levels are randomly generated, there is never a duplicate here. Unique heroes with great talent storm the challenges. They do so because of the intelligent control of the player. The arena is harsh, the road you go is full of thorns, it can’t stop you, the power has come to explode, let’s go all out.

Galaxy Hoppers mod

Download Galaxy Hoppers mod – Explore multi planets

A galactic intersection is where you make intense battles. You can live as yourself, freely conquering the most vigorous opponents in the world. Galaxy Hoppers is considered the most epic game you can participate in. Railways, waterways or roads are fully exploited, creating mple space for players to experience. Surprises are always coming, positive or negative, but you are ready to accept them. The loot is the most outstanding value you can conquer after each goal. They are endless resources, as long as you deserve them, they will be in each player’s treasure.

Galaxy Hoppers apk free

Aliens, and evil ships under the control of the enemy, have appeared. Now you have to deal with something before because so many things don’t go as expected. The planet is also in constant motion, the problems are increasing. Damage traps have been installed, with just a tiny opening you can fall into. The space environment can be destroyed quickly, but there is also a chance to be saved if you come out in time. This world needs you, heroic fighting is what is needed right now. The game is spread, the road is open, the talent is equipped and the rewards are well deserved, join now.

Galaxy Hoppers apk

Overcoming the harsh battle

Aliens have invaded all places in this universe. Wherever you go, you will see them surrounded, there is no way to escape. The giant mammoth has the power to crush the planet or giant holes are threatening you. This journey is not easy, you hold your breath until the last second. The ultimate skill to apply right in this terrifying moment, have you got it? Enemies will close to your position in this galaxy, you must defend before that happens. Quick response will be a big plus to help you escape from death. Fly through the vast universe, overtake your opponents and win the final now.

Galaxy Hoppers android

Fight with friends

Your opponents are not only monsters but also other talented players. You and everyone else are vying for the top spot in the leaderboard. Everyone wants to complete their tasks well and receive great prizes. You need to prove to all that you are the most remarkable survivor in the world. Nothing can stop you from winning, just high determination and a goal to conquer. The list of good players is constantly updated by Galaxy Hoppers, trying to keep up. Check your score regularly, and improve if necessary to avoid falling off of f top of the real heroes.

Galaxy Hoppers mod apk

Character unlock

Galaxy Hoppers has prepared a collection with exciting heroes. Each player has the right to own and customize his warrior. Develop it most optimally, equip weapons and fundamental combat skills. After the races, your character receives several points representing the experience gained. According to levels 1, 2, and 3 with corresponding values, the higher your warrior is, the better. You rank up quickly by unlocking new characters and adding combat skills. Putting all their gains into the warriors, they needed it. Add swords or any other weapon to make your character stronger.

Galaxy Hoppers dispute, conflict of heroes and aliens. The galaxy needs to be protected to the very end, not allowed to be irretrievably invaded. What the monster is doing affects the next life, including you. To prevent that plot, you must take action promptly and proactively in battles. Win a special ticket to enter the next round and be at the top of the table. When the remaining players compete, you should also take advantage of practice or directly participate in the battle with them. Download the Galaxy Hoppers mod, take on the super challenge and cross the galaxy’s most epic endless road.

Download Galaxy Hoppers MOD APK (Unlocked all characters) for Android

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