Galaxy Squad: Space Shooter MOD APK 1.07 (Unlimited money)

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NameGalaxy Squad: Space Shooter APK
PublisherMind Blast Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Galaxy Squad: Space Shooter puts you on the front lines to deal with invaders wreaking havoc on the planet. As a professional pilot, you must confront the bad guys and declare war on them to regain your position. The earth is in danger, and if you do not stop it in time, you will suffer a lot of pain. Instead, take your planes into battle and become the center of the universe, reacting quickly to enemy fire. The planet’s future is in your hands, and its fate will depend on how well you control the plane. Make impressive counter-attacks to boost your winning speed.

Galaxy Squad Space Shooter mod apk

Download Galaxy Squad: Space Shooter mod – Attack with aliens

Aliens are invading deep into the universe, turning everything upside down. In the middle of that starry sky, you have to fight to the end, don’t give up halfway. Suffer the fiery attacks of boss bosses, and they can also rain bullets into your plane. Protecting the galaxy this time requires players to have real experience and maintain long-term peace of mind. Those aliens are never friendly and want this earth to belong to them. Players move from left, right, up, and down flexibly to control the battleship. The spectacular dodges also make the player escape the tribulation.

Galaxy Squad Space Shooter android

Show your courage and determination to avenge your trespassers. It would be best if you always prepared enough equipment for your ship, do not let any mistakes happen. The bloody battles will make you forget yourself and keep moving toward the opponent. Ready for any situation, determined to take revenge if there is a failure. It is impossible to explain why the aliens want to invade just because they disrupt your friends, so they must be destroyed. Take down the dodgy bosses, and remove those bad guys from the world. Become a great fighter against hundreds of dangerous challenges. Start the uncompromising war with all the skills you have.

Galaxy Squad Space Shooter mod

Battle in multiple dimensions

The planet Galaxy Squad: Space Shooter designed is always attractive to players. The colorful lights make you attracted and immersed in the matches. That beautiful scenery can’t be broken by aliens; save it. Unlock many spaces to keep them from lurking dangers. The levels will also be increased gradually, and the starry sky will be brighter and brighter. Burn up in every arena, don’t be afraid of opponents, and don’t let them hinder your growth. Many planets are invaded; rescue all, then you succeed. Work hard, and survive each battle to continue the new game.

Galaxy Squad Space Shooter apk

Aircraft equipment

Galaxy Squad: Space Shooter has a whole system to improve your aircraft’s power. Weapons, support equipment, and many exclusive features will be included in the war. Players can conquer their warships, creating a terrible appearance not to be bullied. Grab every opportunity to upgrade your spaceship, and let it develop to the next level. Upgrade shields, guns, missiles on both sides, and many new support powers. Make full use of your energies, making the fight as explosive as possible. Your airship must have the best performances to make the opponent wary. Equip the most potent weapon for a successful battle!

Galaxy Squad Space Shooter apk free

Dodge and attack

When participating in the battle in Galaxy Squad: Space Shooter, you must have a full cool head. The rate of fire is continuous, and both forces discharge bullets to frighten the opponent. As soon as you enter the battle, take advantage of every opportunity to put shots on the opponent. Timely dodge enemy bullets; they also move flexibly to destroy you. All types of shells bring extraordinary power, and each hit is a loss of life. Knowing when to attack and keeping your aircraft safe is a wise choice. Play with a specific strategy to demonstrate the excellence of a professional pilot. Let’s work together like a storm to burn out for the cause of protecting the planet.

Galaxy Squad: Space Shooter challenges survival in space, performing combat in control. You always keep the balance for your aircraft to operate smoothly. Strengthen it by upgrading and innovating to achieve excellent efficiency. Many fiery battles also make you afraid; their scale is respectable. Create your reputation and promotion opportunities for your battleship. Winning the top position on the leaderboard is a great success for every player. Download Galaxy Squad: Space Shooter mod, and master the spaceship to destroy the aliens.

Download Galaxy Squad: Space Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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