GirlHub MOD APK 1.6.7 (Unlimited moves/Unlocked)

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NameGirlHub APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited moves/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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There are more than 200 countries and territories in the world. Where is your favorite land? A magnificent France is famous for its romance or a modern and bustling United States. A China with a massive culture or Singapore developed like the dragon of Asia. When it comes to Asia, we cannot ignore Korea. The country has used culture as a powerful lever for economic development. Korean idols always possess a beauty that makes fans stand still. That is primarily thanks to the East Asian nation’s cosmetology industry. Orangutan inspired the theme of sexy Korean girls to create a fantastic GirlHub game.

GirlHub mod

Download GirlHub mod – Experience the game for adults

The reason is particular because GirlHub is designed specifically for men. This is the first Korean game to do this. Surely you’ve heard of role-playing genres with female protagonists. With GirlHub, on the contrary, boys will experience love through the phone screen. But gentlemen, make sure you are over 12 years old. Because GirlHub is an adult game. Therefore, it cannot avoid provocative images and words. This is not against the law because love associated with sex is still a human law. But it can have consequences if too young people approach it incorrectly.

When coming to GirlHub, players already have a ticket to date with hot beauties. These girls seem to be a combination of Korean and Japanese beauty. They have thin, precise makeup in the Korean style. On the contrary, their costumes are bold, just like in Japanese adult movies. Two seemingly opposing elements have merged to create an attractive interface for GirlHub. Experience with GirlHub can be a test for you to assess your sexual ability. If you are shy and timid, try chatting with the girls of GirlHub. Maybe they can help you break the ice of that gap.

GirlHub apk

Overcome the puzzle challenge

The benefits that GirlHub brings are hard to resist. But it is not natural that you can access those beautiful pink balls. Players need to overcome the challenge that GirlHub poses. Your mission is to win match three games. The puzzle game is very familiar with many different versions. But with GirlHub, there will be beauties by your side to support you. They are both the one who makes the request and also the one to help if you feel stuck. Quickly solve puzzles in the matrix of sweet cakes to advance to the exciting stage that awaits you. A true gentleman certainly does not want his lover to wait long in impatience and anticipation.

GirlHub android

Immerse yourself in dating storylines

After passing the challenge rounds of GirlHub, players have stepped into the story of dating with the beauties here. Feel free to express your heart with the dreamy space that GirlHub brings. Every word from your heart and your actions towards the girl you like is not limited or forbidden in this game. When feeling intimate enough, the player can kiss the beauty or hug her and even more like that. In the closed dressing room, no one knows what the two of you are doing to each other. GirlHub encourages you to show affection because the higher the appreciation, the more gifts.

GirlHub mod apk

Unique gallery mode

In particular, the Orangutan family also created a new mode called the library. Are you curious about what kind of person the lady you just met and got intimate with? Will she secretly have sex with other men behind your back? Library mode was born for you to solve those questions. It gives the player the right to follow the girl’s private life through her social network. This is also a way to learn about a person in detail, from their personality to their lifestyle. The manufacturer has worked hard to create this mode, so why don’t you try it? Experiencing all the features will be how you enjoy this game to the fullest.

A game that is both strange and familiar, isn’t it? The design is based on the standard triple puzzle game, but GirlHub integrates an adult storyline. This is like a way to upgrade a familiar play on the market. The charm of the beautiful girls here will surely make many men fall in love. Download GirlHub mod and join the game specifically for Korean men.

Download GirlHub MOD APK (Unlimited moves/Unlocked) for Android

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