Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK 1.2.1 (Monsters do not attack)

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NameGranny: Chapter Two APK
MOD FeaturesMonsters do not attack
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Do you often watch horror movies? The scary and exciting details also bring many emotions when watching. Now, you can not only feel it in films but also experience it in games. Granny: Chapter Two will be a game that I will introduce to you. A game that is not too new but still creates fascination for players. However, if you are not a fan of horror stories, this is not the perfect choice. Situations that bring a lot of stress, even fear. This feeling is more terrifying when you play in the middle of the night, try it and let yourself feel it.

Granny Chapter Two mod

Download Granny: Chapter Two – A mysterious house with many scary challenges

It all starts when you wake up and find yourself in a house. This place is cold and gives off unsettled feelings. Things can’t be controlled until you discover someone wants to attack. That’s Granny – a madman ready to do anything dangerous. The main thing to do is to find a way to get out of this place as soon as possible. But things are not that simple. Leaving this house will be a process. Granny always follows and appears in every corner of the house. As long as you make a noise or drop something on the house, bad things will happen. Keeping silent is the safest solution. Find a hiding place, escape from the house, and win.

Granny Chapter Two mod free

Granny is a formidable monster, capable of hearing and seeing very well. As long as you make noises, it will immediately find out where you are hiding. Calmness is the key to dealing with it. The stories accompanying the quiz will also bring the situations you need to face. Puzzles are also the solution to finding a way out and protecting your own life. Sharp observation ability, and fast escape speed also create advantages. Be as quiet as possible, don’t let Granny find out.

Granny Chapter Two mod download

System of puzzles

The only way to find a way out is to solve puzzles. The first thing you need to find is the key. At the same time, passwords, utensils and items are also things that need to be traced. Many mysterious details have also been revealed since then. These puzzles will constantly need tapping to get the answer. You should also turn on the radio to distract Granny, easy to find clues. Take advantage of this time to be able to overcome the challenge. The focus of the search will also help you to complete the puzzle quickly. Keys, hammers, items are all hidden in a relatively closed place. It can be in the drawers or the basement… all of which are distributed throughout the indoor area. Conquering all puzzles will bring the fastest way to escape.

Granny Chapter Two mod apk

Control mechanism

To perform the move, it is indispensable for the control buttons. Granny: Chapter Two has arranged the control panel system on the left side of the screen. You can change the perspective and navigate the character by selecting virtual keys. Interact with the many objects that appear, adjusting as you like. Let the character walk, stand or sit by clicking on the humanoid icon. It’s not challenging to implement controls when all are shown in detail. Ingenious control, not making any noise will make escaping easier than ever.

Granny Chapter Two mod android

Explore the house

From the character’s perspective, you will see that this is an ancient house. The tension will be what you feel as soon as you enter the game. Sometimes there are noises in the house that scare you. Every corner also brings many surprises and mysterious situations. Move to each room, find your way out. You should use an additional headset when playing to get the best experience. Download Granny: Chapter Two mod the journey to escape from the scary house.

Download Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK (Monsters do not attack) for Android

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