Grow Archer Chaser MOD APK 230921 (Menu, High Rewards)

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NameGrow Archer Chaser APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, High Rewards
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Growing an archer so she can fight against all enemies is your mission in Grow Archer Chaser. In recent years there have been a lot of idle games released. They are developed to serve players who do not need to manipulate too much. Just stock up and complete a few simple tasks. Then continue to do other work when the game will do the rest for you. Grow Archer Chaser is a mining game of this genre. The player must upgrade and give the female archer a particular power source. Then she will go on an adventure and encounter many enemies. Use the same energy you have provided to defeat them continuously.

Grow Archer Chaser mod

Download Grow Archer Chaser mod – Create strong archers in all elements

The game’s main interface is all the functions you can see on the screen. Character information to the amount of money you have, new updates, or many parts to upgrade the character’s strength. Let’s talk a little bit about our main character. She is a Dark Elf with the role of an archer. The bow is also the only weapon she can use in the entire journey of the game. In every battle, the character will attack automatically. You don’t need to be involved in this fight at all. What you need to do is upgrade her strength. Leveling up characters, equipping new weapons, and learning other powerful complementary skills.

Grow Archer Chaser’s battle system is designed in stages. You will confront a giant monster in the available order in each step. Defeat the monster to complete the turn and get the gift, then continue with the next wave and new monster. This process repeats without end. You will feel that this is incredibly boring when you first hear it. But Grow Archer Chaser knows how to make it attractive. Each stage will change an entirely new monster with greater power than the previous monster. This requires you to upgrade your character many times to have a chance to defeat them and receive additional rewards.

Grow Archer Chaser mod apk

Collect various skills

Skills play a big part in providing more strength for the Dark Elf archer. You will lose a certain amount of gold and energy to upgrade both skills to increase stats. Skills increase strength in many different directions. For example, increase the character’s attack speed and damage and critical rate. Creates a lightning bolt or poison effect when shot at a monster. The most valuable is to increase the amount of gold when killing monsters. The budget for you to grant the character will increase as you level up. Prioritize upgrading skills to make your archer stronger as quickly as possible. Everything will be decided based on how you build character strength.

Grow Archer Chaser mod apk free

Consumes resources with weapons

The archer’s weapon in Grow Archer Chaser is somewhat different and detailed compared to many other games. As the primary weapon system we know, upgrade them with gold, that’s it. Grow Archer Chaser makes weapons complicated and motivates players to fight harder. That’s because they need magic gems to infuse and increase their power. Four types of gems represent four functions: damage, crit rate, skill power, and increased gold. One weapon can engrave all 4 of these gems. Prioritize potent weapons for gems because you won’t be able to remove them. Instead, collect gems and merge them into higher-level gems.

Grow Archer Chaser mod free

Constantly changing outfits

Skins do not strengthen or give the character an advantage in battle. But it is still something that players want to own because of its high aesthetic. Change the experience when fighting with your familiar character. Grow Archer Chaser has a collection of costumes for the main character. The Dark Elf archer goes well with a schoolgirl or sailor outfit. Each outfit brings a new style to make players enjoy and spend more time in the game. Not all of them are fully utilized right away. Some outfits will require you to perform specific tasks and a small challenge to show that you deserve a gift after overcoming them.

Grow Archer Chaser free

Accompany the beautiful Dark Elf archer to overcome many challenges with dangerous monsters. Creating a set of equipment and skills has enough depth and takes time to accumulate materials. Grow Archer Chaser is both easy to play but requires a certain amount of player effort. The journey of you and the archer will be long, and many exciting battles ahead. Download Grow Archer Chaser mod and accumulate a lot of power from the bow to overcome all challenges.

Download Grow Archer Chaser MOD APK (Menu, High Rewards) for Android

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