Happy Merge Home MOD APK 1.0.24 (Unlimited money)

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NameHappy Merge Home APK
PublisherCasual Joy Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Those who are passionate about design and home decoration will love this game. Happy Merge Home is about a group of friends having trouble with the messy house they just moved into. With furniture scattered everywhere, seemingly unrelated to each other. You will combine them to create the essential items that make the house more gorgeous than ever. Happy Merge Home is a game in the genre of finding hidden objects and solving unexpected problems. No one knows what bad or dangerous thing will happen. Players will need to stop them and renovate the house again. Turn useless things into perfect decoration tools.

Happy Merge Home mod apk

Download Happy Merge Home mod – Search for objects to decorate the house

The player plays the role of an interior designer in the house. Every day always receives requests related to cleaning or decoration from all the people in the city. You will enter the journey of becoming a true designer. Solve problems that may arise there. The next step is to turn a messy house into a neater and more beautiful place. Do that by looking for items left in ruins. Add new items if the owner still doesn’t quite love them. All designs are not automatic but will be made by your own hands. So make sure you can give your customers a sense of security.

Depending on the context of the room, the objects there will also be different. Each customer has a specific problem and needs you to solve it for them. Of course, you will be reasonably priced for doing these things. Completing interior design work for a client will receive a monetary reward. Use the money to add new items to increase beauty. It also has to fit a certain extent with the respective rooms. Requirements for color scheme and decorative corners are necessary for Happy Merge Home. Find the proper objects to decorate as perfectly as possible.

Happy Merge Home mod apk free

Unlock new requirements

A good Happy Merge Home player always perfectly fulfills the customer’s request. One level of the game will correspond to a room you have to renovate. Then the game takes you into a puzzle game for you to move the corresponding objects. The gameplay is almost identical to other puzzle games. When finished, you will receive the related entities to start decorating. Each guest will have different requirements for items and decorations for you to follow. The difficulty will increase but not the similarity requires you to show your classy design thinking. The results will show how good you are.

Happy Merge Home mod free

Combine to create items

Items are not just a single thing. They can also be combined to create a more advanced item. Of course, the condition is that the items must be of the same type. For example, combining two pieces of torn fabric will result in a beautiful new rug. Two tables to create a larger and more decorative table. Many other items appear in the puzzle game you have to complete. Combine them to create new tools. Then win and collect to start decorating. Items will sometimes be random so that you can find your unique style. Sometimes randomness produces highly satisfying results.

Happy Merge Home free

Rescue the customers

The customer is the person who has asked you to do the cleaning and decoration of their rooms. A level is a unique problem that these guests have. There was an incident that caused a room to burn down completely. This causes you to search for a fire extinguisher and put out the fire. Then clean and decorate the room again. Or the scene of a shabby room with outdated furniture. Make it more modern and bright with many new items. The requirements of the customers will be more difficult at the high levels. Hence you need to have the patience to complete the puzzle. Bring home good items and decorate the room.

A home decor expert will know how to handle any situation, no matter if it’s in the game. Happy Merge Home is not stressful and rushed, forcing you to complete the task quickly. On the contrary, this game is suitable for relaxing and finding new decoration styles. The feeling of satisfaction when finishing decorating the room will make you feel very interesting. Download and try the Happy Merge Home mod if you are looking for a light game related to art.

Download Happy Merge Home MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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