HAPPY ZONE MOD APK 0.71 (Menu/God mode/Unlimited ammo)

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MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Unlimited ammo
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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HAPPY ZONE can be considered as one of the shooting games with a unique design. Players will fight with their teammates from a third-person perspective. Accompanied by using extremely many valuable items to win. The most outstanding feature of the game is the humorous graphics suitable for all ages. HAPPY ZONE also requires a strategy for your team to devise. However, encounters with enemies will not be stressful at all. On the contrary, it is hilarious but still retains the drama and attractiveness. If you’ve played a lot of shooters, you’ll still have to get used to some of the mechanics of HAPPY ZONE. Prepare for a messy yet surprisingly fun battle.


Download HAPPY ZONE mod – Always fight happily with teammates

The way to move the character will be similar to the classic shooter. You use the virtual keys to aim at enemies, reload, change weapons, or use skills. The characters in the game are not the same but have many unique characteristics and powers. This new element adds to the tactical flair that comes from battles. When you have to combine well with your friend’s character to win the enemy. Or fight one in survival mode and become the last one standing. HAPPY ZONE takes place on many maps with a large amount of stuff and terrain. Very suitable for the player’s items and tactics to come into play.

Your and your opponent’s health bars are displayed above the character’s head. All will monitor their own and opponents’ health to establish a plan. The amount of health can also change based on character characteristics, skills, and weapons. That means the enemy character will probably have more health than you. But in return, the dam your damages gee more significant than theirs. Everything has to be balanced so that everything is not entirely overwhelmed. Weapons can also interact with objects in the game. For example, shoot into a barrel of explosives to deal damage to enemies. Hide behind walls to avoid enemies hitting you repeatedly. The victory also lies in how the terrain is applied there.

HAPPY ZONE mod apk

Choose the right mode

The two main game modes of HAPPY ZONE and also the two modes affect the gameplay the most. It’s survival and team fighting. In survival, you will confront 11 other players. All appear in a random location on the map. Search around for necessary weapons and items. Then will encounter and fight, and the last survivor of the 12 players will win. The team battle mode will be more entertaining and cooperative. You and your party of up to 4 people will fight the opposing team. Prepare all weapons and items before starting. Create a variety of tactics, and detailed battle plans to win.

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Weapons play an important role

Weapons in HAPPY ZONE are primarily guns. Full range from rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, pistols… Any shooting game needs them. Along with that are some new devices exclusive to HAPPY ZONE. Drones help locate enemies. Bombers deal damage even when you’re not near them. A diverse grenade system creates spreading or multi-explosion effects. Melee weapons will be very suitable for stealthy screens to destroy your enemies. The weapons will be more varied and dangerous in team mode than in survival mode.

HAPPY ZONE mod free

Let’s climb the leaderboard

HAPPY ZONE also has a player ranking system, judging by the number of wins and their outstanding performances in various matches. The experience of climbing to a high rank is playing with many friends. A familiar party will coordinate more easily than unfamiliar players. The purpose for people to climb the leaderboard is exciting rewards. Change the appearance of characters or guns with more powerful features. All attract players to participate in the battle for survival. If you already have a whole arsenal of weapons and your teammates, do not hesitate to join the dramatic ranking.


Team up with guns and take down multiple enemies in fun battles. Create new rankings on challenging multiplayer leaderboards. HAPPY ZONE embodies its true spirit and purpose. It’s about making players happy regardless of whether you win the match. Download HAPPY ZONE mod to have many moments of entertainment with friends. Master the game with ultimate weapons and tactics.

Download HAPPY ZONE MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Unlimited ammo) for Android

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