HAWK MOD APK 42.2.31349 (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier)

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MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Shooting games always attract a lot of players because it brings a feeling of refreshment and relieves stress very well. Especially if you want to challenge yourself with a series of challenges with increasing difficulty, then try HAWK game right away. It is a shooting game developed by My.com B.V. release. Join the game, and you will have the opportunity to fight with advanced planes and confront terrifying enemies. Move as smoothly and skillfully as possible and build the most robust battle formation to defeat all enemies.

HAWK mod apk

Download HAWK mod – Defeat airborne invaders

Behind the tough, fierce battles are the story of the beautiful country Verdia. The Autocrat space force has occupied this country. Players participating in the game will receive missions as royal heroes. You and your teammates will participate in fierce battles with the Autocrat army and win to drive them out of the country. These battles take place in the air. You and the enemy both control flying fighters. All weapons and equipment are ready. Are you ready?

HAWK mod apk download

As mentioned, HAWK has similar gameplay to the game Chicken Invaders. However, the enemies you face in HAWK are many times more dangerous and powerful. They continuously released a rain of bullets and attacked with many other weapons. To defeat them, you must first know how to control your plane. Players will use one finger to touch the screen and move sideways, forward, backward. The aircraft will perform the move closely with your finger. Because the screen of bullets and enemy attacks is very dense, the player needs to control it really skillfully and react quickly. If hit by an enemy attack, your mana bar will gradually decrease.

Defeat giant Bosses

The chain of challenges in HAWK spans over 190 levels. To save the kingdom in danger, the player needs to overcome all the challenges. The difficulty of the challenges will increase gradually with each level. At the end of a level, there is always a giant Boss waiting for you. After you defeat eight of its minions, it will appear. The size of the Boss is many times larger than other enemies. They looked like a giant flying fortress. Boss has extreme attack power and can attack with multiple weapons simultaneously.

HAWK mod download

Upgrade your plane

The increasing difficulty of HAWK means you have to upgrade and equip more of the fighter. You can upgrade an aircraft with many functions. Parameters such as damage, endurance, strength are vital. They will help your aircraft increase its combat ability and ability to withstand. In addition, the number of airplanes in HAWK is quite large. In addition to the primary aircraft already available, there are still locked. These are capable of fighting as powerful and superior as those you already have. Use the money to unlock them and let them go to the battlefield with you.

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Besides upgrading your aircraft before the game, you can upgrade them while playing. When you kill an enemy, an upgrade item may drop. The items dropped during the game also have the effect of increasing the power of the aircraft. Some of the uses of the article are to increase the gun’s damage, expand the bullet dome to hit more targets, or create a shield for the plane. With so many practical uses like this, you should take advantage of collecting items. Sometimes don’t get so absorbed in shooting and dodging bullets that you forget about them.

HAWK mod apk free

Fight with teammates

It’s great to fight with teammates in fierce battles, isn’t it! Therefore, HAWK has a co-op mode, allowing players to join new friends or teammates. If you already have a group of friends, immediately invite them to join this mode. If you don’t have your team yet, don’t worry because HAWK has a random matchmaking feature. You will be participating in combat with other teammates from many parts of the world. When playing co-op mode, a team will appear on the same screen. After that, you still fight with enemies similar to the single-player mode. However, playing with friends will be much more enjoyable.

HAWK mod download

There is only one word to comment on HAWK shooting game, and it’s incredible! The game will take you through many challenges and confront increasingly dangerous enemies. Prepare your fighter carefully before going into battle. Besides, the control in each match is significant. The opponent’s stormy attacks will help you practice swift reflexes. Join this air war now! The beautiful country of Verdia is waiting for your hero to rescue it.

Download HAWK MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android

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