Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK 1.17.2 (Unlimited money/Unlocked weapons, skins)

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NameHelicopter Escape 3D APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Unlocked weapons, skins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Control the helicopter and aim for each enemy in Helicopter Escape 3D. A battle where you will attack opponents from above. Perform a hostage rescue mission, quickly escape from the crowd of enemies. Players will shoot guns in quick succession, quickly defeating enemy forces. Countless different types of enemies will attack vigorously, players need to fight fiercely. Shoots will be continuously taking place for you to show your ability. Quickly help the hostages to be freed and return to the area safely. Fast pace, requires you also to keep pace with the speed of the battle.

Helicopter Escape 3D mod

Download Helicopter Escape 3D mod – Rescue the hostages from the enemy’s hands

The only task that you will need to perform in the game is to attack the opponent. They appear with a large force, always surrounding the hostages. You will not be able to quickly destroy them immediately. The journey will be filled with many challenges. Until the hostages are safely returned, you can stop firing. Good gameplay with the helicopter and the gun. Helicopter Escape 3D offers a multitude of different experiences for players. Where the death scenes appear, the attack from the air. You will have to both control the plane and use the gun to shoot at those who are threatening the hostages. It will all depend on the player, completing the set goals.

Helicopter Escape 3D mod free

The kidnapping put the hostages in danger. They’re counting on you, help them get out of there. Players will be provided with a plane, a gun to advance to the battle. The game will end when the hostage clings to the helicopter, escaping from danger. With a massive presence, Helicopter Escape 3D needs to be quick to attack. In addition, avoid looking at the wrong way and hitting the wrong hostage. Eliminate the enemy force as soon as possible. The game with helicopters will give you a great experience with challenges. Alone against a large number of enemies, achieving victory.

Helicopter Escape 3D mod apk

Aim at the enemies

Thousands of enemies will start appearing and you will have to destroy them. There are zombies, gangsters, traitors… All will gather into a large force, and you will be the one to destroy them. The strength of each enemy will become stronger and stronger as you reach higher levels. They will have more weapons, always tightly surround the hostages. Players will need to protect themselves by aiming to hit every enemy. Causing the entire army to disintegrate. The safety of the hostages is always a top priority. The game will end when the hostage is crushed by the opponent. Of course, you’ll have to fight to keep that from happening.

Helicopter Escape 3D mod android

Complete the levels

Each level of play will be different challenges. The number of enemies will also continuously increase and bring more challenges. Go to every building, each location, to thoroughly destroy those who intend to kill hostages. Each level will be provided with missions by Helicopter Escape 3D. Move with the helicopter and make the enemy unable to fight back. Break all the evil goals they want to accomplish. Through each stage of completing the task, you will receive the corresponding amount of reward. From easy to difficult, Helicopter Escape 3D brings drama. Upgrade costumes, weapons, power to conquer the top levels. Attack, perform confrontations with large forces of zombies, warriors of the enemy. Conquer all levels of play, destroy the enemies quickly.

Helicopter Escape 3D mod dowload

Multi-action execution

Using a shooting gun will be a way for players to defeat enemies. Including pistols, pistols, rifles, cannons. When there are so many enemies that you can’t keep up, use rockets. That’s the fastest way to make the enemies non-existent. The opponents will also not stand still for you to attack. They will also use force and weapons to counterattack. At this point, don’t forget the bullet shield. This will also cause obstacles to enemies. Players also need to react quickly to avoid being hit by bullets. What you should do when you’re in combat is to stay focused. Freedom to use weapons for each fight. Multi-task and take action against powerful forces.

Download Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked weapons, skins) for Android

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