Hello Candy Blast MOD APK 1.2.7 (Auto win)

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NameHello Candy Blast APK
MOD FeaturesAuto win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Hello Candy Blast collects all the sweets and unique flavored drinks in the bag. The challenge will be divided into many levels and create breakthrough energy for each square you have. Tap and match tiles of the same color together; such reunions help you get many rewards. The mission is different every time so make a difference in your challenge. The auras will come to you if you top the rankings. Every week there will be events; participate in them to refresh yourself. There will be no limit on the score; the way you play is recorded after the end of the game.

Hello Candy Blast apk free

Download Hello Candy Blast mod – Challenge with intellectual puzzles

When participating in solving puzzles, you can also train your brain. The play times need to be calculated clearly; they can not be played by feeling. The number of items you need to collect at each table will vary, so observe. It’s not just simple entertainment, but it also requires tactics. Each time you act, you lose a turn with a limit. Each challenge only has a specific turn and the item or square to harvest. Balance how to get enough quantity that the arc has just run out or left over. When there is such excess, your score will also increase significantly; just play well.

Hello Candy Blast android

Pinch 3, pinch 5 to receive great destructive power; supporting energies are coming to you. After challenging times, you also learn your lessons and improve the old gameplay to further progress. The deeper you go inside, you will receive fame, and your name is on the top. It is the dream of every player, not only you, and everyone is trying to break Hello Candy Blast island. Setting a new record makes people deep in the game; this game requires high perseverance. Not too explosive like action games but attractive enough for players to stay longer. With carefully calculated steps, take you to the top of the score.

Hello Candy Blast mod apk

Crush blocks of the same color

Select two or more cells with the same color to cooperate, and perform the task in a snap. Hello Candy Blast regulates different explosion levels depending on how much you earn. From 2 to 4, just stop crushing and remove tiles of the same color. But 5-8 created a new step, which is a remarkable explosion. The culmination is integrating nine blocks or more, bombarding the four corners, and overwhelming the numbers. Each time you combine so many, your score jumps towering. Besides, the amount to be harvested gradually decreases until the end. Balance blocks of the same color and make precise moves to conquer the puzzle.

Hello Candy Blast mod

Use the trophies

In Hello Candy Blast, an energy release system has been installed, which players only need to own to use. Earn from battles after solving puzzles or during live play. Right at the moment, you are playing, and bombs are often exploding or magical lights. Exciting energies like rockets have eased the burden on the number of plays. Without that explosive energy, it isn’t easy to reach the next rounds. The number of turns is limited, so it needs a lot of support; use it when necessary to avoid waste. You can also buy tools such as hammers to crush the candy that stands in your way to success.

Hello Candy Blast apk

Continuity levels

It’s easy for you to conquer higher levels in Hello Candy Blast. Each group only takes a few minutes of life to complete. But if it’s at the advanced level, it can take a few days, which is not enough plays. Later, the challenges are more complex, and the fewer turns the items need to collect will increase. That is the purpose of conquering, and there are more than 1000 levels for you to try. The levels continue to follow each other without going through any intermediate steps. Players need to win this table, and the back door is already open waiting. Play with the most enthusiasm and enthusiasm ever, creating the highest record together.

Hello Candy Blast, you practice critical thinking, recognizing the correct path to take. There are many challenges posed but not too strict for newcomers. Attractive daily rewards have increased the play of everyone, including you. You are contributing to the training process that the game sets out for the original idea. Given that each person’s puzzles and solutions are different, your creativity is no stopping. Download Hello Candy Blast mod, join the challenge of matching blocks of the same color and make a difference.

Download Hello Candy Blast MOD APK (Auto win) for Android

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