Hero Adventure MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode/Damage)

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NameHero Adventure APK
PublisherPride Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/God mode/Damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Humanity has always longed for a peaceful life on this beautiful planet. However, some events make that dream interrupted and became impossible. Besides natural disasters and epidemics, there is another danger to life on earth. That’s the monster. Those half-human and half-animal species often appear to disrupt people’s lives. They can control a village, a city, or even the whole world to wobble. But the commoners couldn’t fight them no matter how much they hated them. So have you ever dreamed of becoming a monster slayer? Come to Hero Adventure to experience this noble mission.

Hero Adventure mod

Download Hero Adventure mod – Become a monster hunter

Pride Games produce hero Adventure. This is a silly open-world role-playing game like the diablo series. The story begins with a mysterious incident that happened to you. One day, when you wake up from a long coma, you find yourself in a mysterious land. You can’t remember what happened to you. To survive and be able to return, players are forced to face the difficulties ahead. The adventure in Hero Adventure is a tool for you to find answers to the mysteries that happen to you. In Hero Adventure, you have become a knight in the evil land. Please continue to write exciting stories about your life in this place.

The mysterious land that you must survive in is called Dark London. This city is as gloomy as its name. A large area could not find life’s form or sound because demons and monsters had invaded and dominated this place. They are hiding in the dungeons of the city. All monsters have gathered here to rely on each other and plot to destroy human life. You can face a vampire, werewolf, or other goblins in many forms. They have different names, and their abilities are also highly diverse. Therefore, you must destroy them to prove your strength – the righteous side.

Hero Adventure mod apk

Upgrading knights and equipment

Knights in Hero Adventure will fight monsters in the dungeons of the castle. For the mission to succeed excellently, you need to upgrade your guns and armor to give your hero. Lots of special guns are used in this game. However, castle dungeons are filled with enemies, and gunpowder is rare. It would be best to familiarize yourself with other weapons, such as a bow or crossbow. Instead of being a gunner, the hero can also become a mighty archer. The treasure chest of weapons and equipment in Hero Adventure will gradually be unlocked after you level up. Each level possesses valuable and effective weapons. Collect them all for your hero.

Hero Adventure apk

Set up an army of heroes

The Dark Lands of London is a ghost city. You can hardly win if you fight alone. The opponent is too many, and this is their territory. Therefore, players can summon other heroes to side with them. They have the same story as you and are looking for a way out. Nothing is more attractive than a beautiful story written by many knights. Therefore, collect all the heroes that are idle in the city. In encounters with monsters, Hero Adventure allows players to use multiple heroes at the same time. Take advantage of this feature to make monsters and demons fear the power of justice.

Hero Adventure apk free

Learn magic skills

Besides fighting skills, Hero Adventure provides heroes with another tool. That is the magic skill. With learned magic, your knight can become a master monster hunter. Moreover, using magic was also less labor-intensive than hand-to-hand battles with monsters. The adventure in Hero Adventure only ends when you find your way out of the castle. If you are attacked by a monster and die, resurrect to continue as a hero. The combat operations in Hero Adventure are not complicated. You need to touch to make the heroes attack at will and become mighty hunters.

Hero Adventure is a fantasy game that uses an interesting story. Playing the role of a hero to hunt monsters is a long-time desire of many gamers. Use weapons and magic in Hero Adventure to become the best hunter. Don’t forget the heroes you can summon to accompany you in this battle. Download Hero Adventure mod and start hunting monsters in the dark dungeon.

Download Hero Adventure MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode/Damage) for Android

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