Hero Factory MOD APK 3.1.34 (Free upgrade)

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NameHero Factory APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Hero Factory mod is an attractive simulation game about the war of heroes. The game is built according to the idle gameplay but is extremely attractive. Players will play the role of a tycoon who manages a system of heroes. You will need to make many life-or-death decisions. Leading your heroic warriors to participate in fierce battles and constantly developing forces and skills is not an easy thing. Be an excellent leader rowing against the hero furnace to face the challenges ahead. Hero Factory is where you show all the management abilities of a talented commander. With the feature of providing free games, the game has become the cabinet game of millions of people.

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Download Hero Factory – Erase hateful monsters

Coming to Hero Factory, players do not have to go directly to the arena. Although not fighting alone with the enemy, the leadership role of the player is significant. In the face of the depression and hardship your factory is facing, a new solution has been found. Utilizing the resources in your hand, you will have to use your heroes to defeat the monster system. That’s the way for you to earn money when you beat your opponent. With intuitive gameplay, players easily control their warriors. Joining the harsh arenas and becoming the winner is your pursuit. Turn heroic warriors into money-making machines for the factory.

Hero Factory mod

Build an empire of heroes

Hero Factory offers many different types of heroes. They form a system of hundreds of heroes with exciting shapes. Each hero has his fighting skills. To have a superior army that can defeat the monsters, the player must build a powerful heroic empire. Collect new warriors to add to the squad. Hero Factory is full of heroes, swordsman, archers, magician, gunners for you to discover. Each type of hero brings a new approach and experience. Swashbuckler, Hunting Queen, Dagger, Witch, Ax King, Gunslinger will be in your squad.

Hero Factory mod apk

Confront the Bosses

Boss battles are always the highlight of Hero Factory. There is no doubt about the difficulty of these levels. The most important thing for gamers is how to complete the different levels with the boss’s appearance. Hero selection and upgrading are essential to solving the dilemma. Players will have to go on vacation several times to increase hero stats. At the same time, choose and use reasoning skills to deal with each type of Boss. Winning the boss battle will bring a good source of income for your army.

Hero Factory mod android

Enchanting epic weapons and powers

Heroes in Hero Factory cannot be without the help of weapons. Sharp swords, hammers, bows will always be with the heroes. In addition, there is the appearance of a protective clothing system. Strong helmets, armor, or shields are all useful. It will help the heroes avoid enemy attacks. Another unique feature is the enchanting stones. Players can use them to find mysterious rocks. It’s like you’re trying your hand at mini-games. By acquiring weird items and stones, the hero’s strength significantly increases. Hero Factory also creates certain perks that help players destroy their opponents. You will have challenging and memorable adventures. Download Hero Factory mod to manage the growing hero furnace. Wipe out the monsters with the power of mighty warriors.

Download Hero Factory MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android

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