Hero Making Tycoon MOD APK 1.8.7 (Free shopping/High Damage)

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NameHero Making Tycoon APK
PublisherHello Games Team
MOD FeaturesFree shopping/High Damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Develop a factory that produces combat heroes who are always ready to confront all enemies. Scale up and create an empire of hero crafting and training at Hero Making Tycoon that simulates a hero factory. Battles take place when many invaders are trying to invade. Legions are players themselves involved in the creation and upgrade. Exciting things await players of the crafting and combat navigation game. Think the game players themselves can create fighting heroes. The genuine factory is unique, unlike other video games these days. Crafting hero simulation is not like other factory simulation games. The Hero Making Tycoon game player spawns and tactically controls heroes to battle.

Hero Making Tycoon

Download Hero Making Tycoon mod – Hotdog warrior factory

The unique warriors of this Hero Making Tycoon game are shaped like sausages that players often eat daily. But after the series of production processes, they have newer special powers. The game players put tools on these hot dog characters. Take them out to fight massive attacks by various-tailed beasts—a factory with complete weapons and updated equipment for the heroic hero. Take turns going to battle, manufacturing, and producing brave heroes in a particular shape. It feels so unique that battle heroes are created and trained in factories in the Hero Making Tycoon simulation game world.

Hero Making Tycoon mod apk

A particular type of game, Typhoon, is worth participating in your free time and experimenting with crafting. The sausage armies are only available in the Hero Making Tycoon game simulation world. A new feature with loads of specials for making super sausage warriors. The bloody battlefields between the warriors born from this factory. Ready to bring them home because this army of new warriors is fearless. Don’t be afraid or afraid of their attack because the factory will produce warriors continuously. Quickly challenge yourself in this hero training and crafting factory game.

Hero crafting machines

Players initially had a small fleet of combat sausage hero training machines. Lots of new weapons and sausage production systems were added to the factory. An empire called Hero Making Tycoon with a training experience. Players do not need too many operations when they need to bring the crafting machines to the factory, and they can self-manufacture to produce combat heroes. The sausages are passed through different crafting machines and then into the warriors. The more advanced the Hero Making Tycoon player’s machinery, the faster the speed. From there, the quantity and quality of the sausage warrior army in the game are guaranteed. Improve your skills and earn real money, as many new battle machines have been added to the military.

Hero Making Tycoon mod apk free

Various kinds of sausage heroes

There are many different types of heroes fighting in the form of sausage shapes. It could be the melee hot dog warrior with new combat interactions. Hold swords or hammers to get close to the enemy and make the front-line attack. Long-range warriors wield artillery and archers with the effect of dealing damage evenly. Over time, the players will have many types of warriors to be created and trained. Tame warriors and let them fight continuously with all kinds of monsters. Upgrade and craft a combination of multiple machines to upgrade your combat capabilities. More types of equipment are on the character to increase sustained combat power. The reinforcements are being produced soon, so try to hold back the enemy.

Hero Making Tycoon mod android

Challenging the landings

There are more than 100 types of powerful monsters with an infinite number of terrible threats to the hero factory of this Hero Making Tycoon simulation game player. They attack continuously, so they need the player to produce the most constant fighting hero. Their attacks have a scale and are robust, with many unique abilities. Bring in new warriors to increase the number and quality of the sausage corps.

Hero Making Tycoon mod

The new experience of having your battle hero factory. Download Hero Making Tycoon mod to participate in owning and building a sausage hero production empire ready to face all kinds of attacking enemies.

Download Hero Making Tycoon MOD APK (Free shopping/High Damage) for Android

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