Hide.io MOD APK 35.0.0 (Unlimited money, skins)

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NameHide.io APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, skins
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Hide.io is a game for you to participate in hiding and seek. One of the familiar childhood games is a beautiful memory of many people. Hide.io seems to realistically simulate hide and seek. Play right on your smartphone and enjoy to the fullest. Bring a variety of levels to play, find objects, or everything you want. The game offers much different gameplay, creating a sense of fun. It is the fastest way to relieve all boredom. Join Hide.io and start participating in hiding and seek. Relive your childhood memories. Provides a variety of good game modes, highly entertaining.

Hide.io mod

Download Hide.io mod – Hide and seek, complete quests

One of the hide and seek games was made right on the phone. It is the fastest way for players to relieve stress and fatigue. It brings back old memories and brings back many emotions. Start with the levels that Hide.io has to offer. Complete all tasks, find the people who are hiding in the house. Quickly complete the challenges provided. It’s an entertaining game that doesn’t require too much skill. Hide.io is a perfect choice for those who love simple gameplay. Search using objects and get it done as soon as possible.

Hide.io mod apk

Right at the house and the player will start with the search. In every place, with different nooks and crannies, players will have to find an opponent. Hide.io does not have too many challenges but still creates an interesting game mode. Gamers still choose to entertain every day. Start with hiding and seek and release all the stress. A game that’s easy to play and won’t let you get bored. Brings a new scene with a lot of different tasks. Hide.io is always an attractive game, synthesizing many good game modes. Brings hide and seek with suspense and surprises. Do you want to go back to your childhood and find the people hiding? Come to Hide.io and get started right away, joining many other players.

Hide.io mod free

Search for opponents

The player will have to find out who is hiding in that house. Find every room, under the table, under the sofa, and anywhere. You can use some tools such as brooms… to assist in the search process. Observe closely and strange movements in each room. All positions must be controlled to quickly find the object you want. Touch the objects that you find suspicious, do everything possible to make the opponent appear. If you find the right hiding person, the player will win. Otherwise, find wrong, the game will end, and you will not be able to continue the search. To find each opponent is also not easy in a short time. Therefore, smart observation and handling are what will decide the victory for you.

Hide.io mod android

Become a hiding

Not only a seeker, but you can also be a hiding person. Choose the safest and most difficult to detect place to overcome the opponent. Hide.io will give players time to decide and choose a hiding place. Make moves with the fastest speed so as not to make the opponent see. Make sure you hide where you won’t be able to find out. Become different props and objects to hide longer. How long will it take you to escape? That will also depend on the ability and how to deal with the opponent. Be smart and find the best positions so that no one can see. Hiding anywhere in the house, making searchers give in.

Hide.io mod download

Play with teammates

Confronting opponents for a long time makes you feel boring. Don’t worry, Hide.io also allows players to coordinate with their teammates. Join with many people and start doing quests. Build your own tactics for the whole team to find or escape. Playing with teammates will also create a more exciting atmosphere. At the same time, it will also increase the interaction between the characters, completing the purpose together. Get the best items and scores. Challenge each opponent and create dramatic levels. Download Hide.io mod hides and seek game with diverse game modes.

Download Hide.io MOD APK (Unlimited money, skins) for Android

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