Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK 4.3.2 (No Cooldown/God mode)

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NameHills of Steel 2 APK
PublisherSuperplus Games
MOD FeaturesNo Cooldown/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Hills of Steel 2 is the sequel to the success of Hills of Steel. Compared to the previous version, both gameplay and graphics have been improved. Still the tanks will accompany the game screen, providing a great experience. Take part in dramatic tank battles, and destroy hordes of enemies. Original physics-based and real-time 3vs3 gameplay that won’t let you down. Do your best to win. Explore the tank system, and control the tank decisively. Immerse yourself in every battle, and rise to all dangerous challenges.

Hills of Steel 2 mod android

Download Hills of Steel 2 mod – Battle with immortal tanks

Still unending tank battles, tense to the point of suffocation. Players will be able to control a tank and move to the opponent’s location. Not a solo fight but takes place in 3vs3. When destroying the opponent, Hills of Steel 2 will add points. When the time runs out, the team with the highest score wins. The gameplay is simple and doesn’t cause you too much trouble while navigating. Control mechanism with easy operation, aim at the enemy to destroy. The outcome of the battle will depend on your own attack ability. Seize the advantage, and conquer all combat levels.

Hills of Steel 2 mod free

For this new version, the gameplay is quite simple. It is not too difficult to make the tank move on the battlefield. However, to win, it depends on many factors. From the terrain, the army, and the ability of the tank. It is these three things that will determine the outcome. Working closely with teammates will also help quickly defeat opponents. Pay attention not to aim at the enemy while on a too-high slope because it will not create an accurate attack combo. Depending on the game’s situation, you need to have a suitable way to deal with it. Move the tank and give the enemy no chance of survival.

Hills of Steel 2 mod download

Participate in online events

Hills of Steel 2 offers up to 8 online events for players to participate in. Team survival, bunker bash, star catch, boss battle, rare duel, epic duel, domination and rampage. Each event will feature challenging tournaments. Players will be competing against opponents, creating a series of special attacks. Confront many different opponents in the world, leaving no one to win. The higher the level, the more unexpected situations will also take place. Players need to focus and use every strategy to gain strength. Conquering all the events, the way to the top of victory is not too difficult anymore. Climb to the top of the leaderboard and make all opponents fear.

Hills of Steel 2 mod apk

Unlock unique tanks

The tanks in Hills of Steel 2 have been fully equipped with all the equipment. Up to 17 tanks are provided to accompany you in battles. Depending on the type, the tank will have different mechanisms and characteristics. Initially, the player will be given a default car, the Joker. This is a vehicle equipped with conventional grenades. The ability to fire at a fast rate but quite light compared to other tanks. A tank with additional missiles is the Stinger. In one shot, it can fire from 6 missiles at once, dealing powerful damage. Gatlyn is a rather expensive tank, possessing many special attack abilities. Once you are familiar with all the mechanics, grasping the attack of each type will also make it easy to destroy the enemy.

Hills of Steel 2 mod

Provide equipment and upgrade tanks

For each tank, it is necessary to assemble more grenades and missiles. When you overcome all challenges and reach high levels, you will unlock new equipment. Take advantage of everything to get a more powerful attack ability. At the same time, upgrading the tank is also essential. This will help increase strength and combat ability. Possessing a stronger tank, the opponent is also quickly destroyed. Regular tank maintenance, ready to navigate on any battlefield. Download Hills of Steel 2 mod owning tanks to fight in every battle.

Download Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK (No Cooldown/God mode) for Android

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