Homescapes MOD APK 6.5.2 (Unlimited stars)

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NameHomescapes APK
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SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Homescapes – legendary game released by Playrix. Solve puzzles to restore the mansion and discover new things. Playrix continuously releases games that make the gaming community excited. For those who love this game genre, it will definitely not be missed. Complete all missions and quickly restore the spacious mansion. Clean and remodel everything in the house. Conquer every game level and get the desired result. Homescapes is an excellent choice for players to entertain every day.

Homescapes mod

Download Homescapes mod – Restore the villa for the family

It is not too difficult for players to find games with similar gameplay. Homescapes are still chosen by many people in just a short time of launch. Game mode, interface always makes a difference to attract every gamer. Take you on exciting adventures. Renovate your home and decorate it to the style you want. Homescapes is a place for players to show their sharp thinking ability. Unlock more new developments, starting with every level. The house will be displayed by the way the player designed it. Match puzzles, quickly complete all levels.

Homescapes mod apk

Players will accompany Austin, repairing the house. Accompany the character on this journey, taking measures to improve his home. As a housekeeper, Austin has access to and lives in many different homes. However, the house he lived in with his parents since childhood still made him the most favorite. After many years, Austin returned and wanted to remodel the house. Everything in the house was broken and old. Austin will have to renovate, clean, and redecorate the home to be more organized and spacious. Come to Homescapes and join this journey with the butler.

Homescapes mod download

Exciting match-3 puzzles

The gameplay is easy, not as difficult as you think. Players only need to match objects of the same type together in vertical or horizontal rows. As soon as the matching is complete, things will quickly disappear. Depending on the level of play, there will be different requirements. When paired with multiple tiles of the same color, it can destroy even more items. It also reduces the time it takes to win. With each level completed, Homescapes will provide the corresponding amount. At this time, Austin will have money to buy appliances and home repairs. When playing Homescapes, you also need to apply skills and thinking to be able to overcome difficult levels. Many other items and levels are waiting for you. With Homescapes and quickly reach the highest levels.

Homescapes mod android

Home design and repair

The goal is to complete the house repair work, to have a home of their own. Homescapes will let players be designed and decorated arbitrarily. With the money received after doing a riddle, Austin can buy objects and furniture. Buy more furniture such as tables, chairs, replace damaged items. Make sure the house will be displayed with the best image. Money is significant, it will help you have many different choices. With each completion of the mission, the player will get the money. Come up with new ideas, transform the house to become more beautiful. From the kitchen, living room, balcony… all will be done by you.

Homescapes mod free

Interact with other characters

Not just an ordinary puzzle game, Homescapes also brings many new things. Players will join Austin to meet many other characters. Each character brings their own experiences and feelings. Anytime, when Austin and the other characters do something, Homescapes will send a notification. This is also one of the ways to control all activities of each person. Change any design you want, go with every character in Homescapes. In addition, you can also consult their opinions to get more new ideas.

Together with Austin, perform different jobs, participate in the home remodeling process. Buy furniture, design, clean… step by step make the house perfect. Take the right decisions to make the villa more perfect. Download Homescapes mod to redecorate the home with Austin.

Download Homescapes MOD APK (Unlimited stars) for Android

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Your mode really working, I like it tnx

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