Human Evolution Clicker MOD APK 1.9.32 (Unlimited Money)

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NameHuman Evolution Clicker APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Human Evolution Clicker is an evolution game for creatures. Players will begin with the grafting of DNA cells, forming new species of organisms. A game with exciting missions, for those who like this game theme. Gives players more information about the stages of human evolution. Each process is a combination of many different factors. You will need to research and work through many steps to complete the quests. An idle game with varied game modes. Observation and research to make the species more abundant.

Human Evolution Clicker mod

Download Human Evolution Clicker mod – Evolution of creatures

Realistic reproduction of each stage of evolution gives you a specific look. Human Evolution Clicker with gameplay is not too difficult, and you just need to do it continuously by pairing DNA. It is entirely possible to create the animal you want. Use and coordinate with genetic codes to form the breed of that animal. In addition, Human Evolution Clicker will also let you observe human evolution. It took thousands of years for that process to be completed. However, that will be shortened by Human Evolution Clicker. From there, players will be able to expand their horizons in this area.

Human Evolution Clicker mod apk

All living things will have to go through this evolutionary process. Each species will start with a different stage. Choose the breed and get started with the steps in the game. From plants to animals, even people. Have you ever wondered about the growth of creatures? Human Evolution Clicker is the answer for you. At the same time, the player himself can perform these progressions. Create all new objects with the Human Evolution Clicker, giving life to everything. Come to Human Evolution Clicker and do it now! Not only is it an entertaining game, but it also brings a lot of new knowledge. Learn more about the evolution of each animal as well as that of humans.

Human Evolution Clicker mod free

Creature development

Combine with many other animals to create new varieties. Combine DNA to form life for organisms. With tiny molecules, DNA can develop all things. Speed up the process by purchasing more crystals. At this time, all living things are rapidly constituted. Up to the higher levels, you will also need to upgrade them. Merge DNA to create every creature you want.

Human Evolution Clicker mod download

Evolution world

Made with the evolution of dogs, crocodiles, birds… any animals. With simple finger operations, move across the screen. Step by step to create the fastest creature. Human Evolution Clicker brings you to this world, delving deeper into the field of evolution. The level will end when you get sensory robots and cyborgs. Or you can stop at any time. If you are interested in sequencing DNA, you cannot ignore Human Evolution Clicker. The game will have you paired and matched with each creature.

Human Evolution Clicker mod android

Buy new creatures

Make the most of the resources you have and get more money. At that time, use the money gained to buy more creatures. Human Evolution Clicker will provide a multitude of animals at different prices. Players will have more options for themselves. Developed for Click Boost, which will increase your monetization. Rapidly evolving, all creatures are more diverse. By clicking consecutively on the screen, the player will receive the desired amount. Use this money and invest in buying new animals.

Recreate the evolution of humans as well as all different animals. Simple gameplay and easy ways to earn money. Human Evolution Clicker still attracts many players to choose. It is entirely possible to create according to your ideas, starting in different stages. Let the player observe every progress of the implementation process. However, future development will not be revealed. This has also made gamers curious and continue to play Human Evolution Clicker. Download Human Evolution Clicker mod to evolve creatures and people.

Download Human Evolution Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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