Hunt Royale MOD APK 2.0.12 (Menu, Damage/God mode/Speed)

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NameHunt Royale APK
PublisherBoomBit Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/God mode/Speed
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Hunt Royale – where hunters show their strength, attack every monster. Battles against many dangerous enemies, together with teammates to attack. All monsters will be concentrated in many areas, players need to confront them. Enter the fantasy world with many exciting things, become a skilled hunter. Decisive battle and assert bravery through each attack. Move to each area and compete with every other opponent. Hunt down and destroy dangerous, bloodthirsty monsters, don’t let them survive. The life-and-death battle will be started, participating in fierce challenges.

Hunt Royale mod

Download Hunt Royale mod – Become an unbeatable hunter

The hunt will be started, opening a world with many unique experiences. Right from the gameplay brought, Hunt Royale has created a strong attraction for players. As a hunter, you will have to hunt all of them. The journey will take place with a combination of teammates, moving towards the areas where they live. The game offers a variety of game modes, which is a highly effective way to relieve stress. Takes you to every location, starting with multiple battles. Accompany the army to overcome challenges, creating new breakthroughs in each attack. Conquer all levels of the game, complete the mission excellently. Survive each match, not letting any force be able to resist.

Hunt Royale mod apk

Publisher BoomBit Games has released many attractive games. Hunt Royale is one of the newest games, attracting many gamers to download. Still, the familiar action genre, gameplay, and unique missions, still create success for BoomBit Games. Each game mode will again be its own challenges for you to face. Not alone on this journey, you will also have a supportive team of teammates. After each goal is completed, Hunt Royale will open the next level of play. Explore vast battlefield maps, win and take down all enemies.

Hunt Royale mod free

Experience 4 exciting game modes

The highlight that cannot be ignored is the game mode. Hunt Royale offers 4 modes: Classic, Co-op, Boss Hunt and Bounty Hunter. With classic mode, the time will be limited. You will have to complete the battle before the time runs out. The last survivor who gets the high score will win. Each time the player successfully attacks the monster, the player will gain points. Secure the hunter and declare war on the opponent. Next is the task of protecting the king in Co-op, the number of enemies is constantly increasing and the player will have to destroy them quickly. In addition, you can also confront evil monster bosses, making smart moves in Boss Hunt. Hunt for bonuses, compete fiercely in Bounty Hunter mode. Each level will leave a great experience.

Hunt Royale mod android

Unlock the hunter

Includes 30 characters that will let you choose, summon into your army. They are all equipped with different skills and experiences. Personal details about them will also be displayed for players to follow. Each character will be a factor to create a strong fighting squad. Arrange and assign specific positions and tasks to each hunter. Don’t forget to upgrade them, although it will cost a lot of coins. But it will help them gain more strength, fight and create more damage. Unlock new skills, present in higher levels. The challenge will also be more, requiring you to develop the next attack strategy for the army.

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Skill selection

The process of participating in the war will require the use of many skills to confront the enemy. Offer each attack method to each opponent, quickly dodging counterattacks from them. Lead the whole team to move smart, defend tight. Victory will also depend on quite a lot on fighting ability. Carefully consider how to build a champion and eliminate all dangerous bosses. Choose the right skill, take advantage of all the strengths of the hunters. Choose between melee, gunship, magic and more. Quickly achieve all the objectives, destroy the force of formidable monsters. Download Hunt Royale mod to enter many epic battle scenes, participate in unexpected events.

Download Hunt Royale MOD APK (Menu, Damage/God mode/Speed) for Android

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