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Which is your favorite time of the four springs, summers, autumns, and winters? There will be people who like the sprouting of spring plants. Some people love the summer sunshine. Others are fascinated by the romance when autumn comes. At the same time, many people like the cold of winter. Maybe because that cold makes people yearn to be closer than ever; moreover, winter is also when people can play with white snowflakes. If you also like the cold winter weather, don’t miss Ice Crush. This product is from the manufacturer Ezjoy. It was fortunate to receive up to 4.7 stars in the category of user reviews.

Ice Crush mod

Download Ice Crush mod – Feel the movement of ice crystals

Ice Crush is a new product of the makers of Garden Mania 2 and Mania 3. Based on the familiar match-three puzzle game motif, Ice Crush has impressed users and has become one of their favorite games. Best. This game will give you an adventure journey in the snow and cold. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. There will be companions to come and stand by your side every step of the way. Together, everyone will write a beautiful story in this snowy land. Ice Crush has more than 800 levels linked together according to a storyline. In addition, many unique classes and new game modes are added regularly.

Ice Crush apk

In terms of gameplay, Ice Crush is not too different from puzzle games of the same type. The symbols that you encounter in this game are ice crystals. They have a lot of vibrant colors in them. Your task is to match at least three crystals of the same color to score points. Each level will have goals set from the beginning for you to accomplish. In addition, the number of moves in each group is also limited. It would help if you used them wisely to avoid wasting any conversions. Ice Crush also has a power-up. They are powerful weapons to help you in the puzzle process. For example, boosters can wipe out an entire planet in a single press.

Ice Crush mod apk

Take care of the baby snowman

In Ice Crush, you will meet adorable snowmen. Although all snowmen have rounded bodies, different decorations can help us distinguish them. These snowmen need to be cared for and fed. Their food is snowballed. It would help if you provided the snowman well to grow because they can help you a lot in later difficulty levels. The level of challenge will increase gradually with the stories. So, besides the snowmen, you need to prepare yourself. For example, unlocking power-ups. You can also collect coins to buy more items. There are many valuable items in the store.

Ice Crush android

Save santa claus

Ice Crush has certain levels related to Christmas. Indeed everyone is eagerly waiting for Christmas Eve to receive gifts. But Santa is frozen in Ice Crush. So you need to complete the mission to rescue him. Players need to create ice breaks through the location where Santa is stuck. Lots of people are waiting. A Christmas without Santa is considered a meaningless Christmas. In addition to Santa Claus, you can meet some animals stuck in other levels. For example, at level 8, there are a lot of white rabbits that freeze because of the cold. So come and help these poor little animals get out.

Ice Crush apk free

Collect stars and rewards

In response to your enthusiasm, Ice Crush maker offers hundreds of attractive rewards. You can get a daily bonus. In addition, the wheel of fortune is also a place that contains many interesting things. To get more success, you need to get three stars on each level. The fewer moves to complete the mission, the higher your achievement. Remember this rule well. Calculating and predicting your subsequent actions will save you activities. Plus, Ice Crush is a free game. However, some premium items may cost extra to purchase. Players may consider this; it is an optional policy of Ice Crush.

Ice Crush is a match-three game with an exciting setting and storyline. Come and experience the space of ice and snow here. Surely this game can make you yearn for Christmas immensely. Although the gameplay is not challenging, you still need to try a lot to achieve outstanding results. So let’s rescue Santa and the frozen animals here. Download Ice Crush mod and solve puzzles like a genius.

Download Ice Crush MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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