Ice Scream 1 MOD APK 1.2.6 (Menu, Unlocked/God mode)

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NameIce Scream 1 APK
PublisherKeplerians Horror Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlocked/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Ice Scream 1 hunts down the evil ice cream seller; he is trying to harm everyone around you. Your task now is to find out their plan before he executes it. That means you have to go through the secret question, completed you will get on his truck. This was where the people he had kidnapped before; it was not easy to get into this territory. He can listen to your every move, be careful. You need to use your intelligence with challenging levels that will give you a headache. Experiencing a lot of puzzles to save many lives, the storm begins to come to you.

Ice Scream 1 apk

Download Ice Scream 1 mod – Stop the ice cream seller’s kidnapping plan

One day, an anonymous ice cream seller appeared; his face looked horrible. That is the first instability you feel; not stopping there, you find out he is a kidnapper. For kids who love ice cream, it’s always been a lucrative resource for him. The plan to kidnap children from there is carried out; you must find it. He has violated even your best friend. Neighbors, anyone around you is in danger. Don’t let that happen; act quickly to stop that bad idea in time. Answering the question correctly, you score an intrusion into his plan.

He has the superpower to make his opponent freeze in a split second. You can’t understand this principle yet, but it’s detrimental. After performing the freezing, he immediately put the victim in a truck and transported him to a faraway place. You also haven’t determined the next point where they stop, so getting into the car is a significant turning point. Bad things can happen anytime if you can’t complete the question. Standing in front of the abyss, you have no choice but to use your brain. Save a life, and don’t let that lousy situation happen again.

Ice Scream 1 mod

Rescue the victim

Ice Scream 1 design ghost challenges bring new play space. The more mysterious things will make you deeper, following the plot that the game has built to feel. Move on to the following challenges to uncover the truth behind these sophisticated kidnappings. First, you have to go through many puzzle missions that are not easy to pass. Your steel spirit must always be maintained, or you will fail. This terrible attack is owned by an ice cream seller, and if you don’t stop it soon, the horrible murders continue to happen. Quickly step up to speed to get through the question, hop on the truck and start your journey to save lives.

Ice Scream 1 mod apk

Complete the puzzle

The main challenge in Ice Scream 1 is solving mysterious puzzles. You are capable of saving everyone, so you need a particular determination. The intelligence you have is always an advantage, rely on it to handle the whole challenge. Look closely at the space you are standing, and questions will arise. Start your search but stay quiet, don’t let the ice cream seller see you. The most troubling thing is that you can’t pass the question, which means a victim is gone. You can’t let that happen and are not willing at all. So flip things over, figure out his plan, and clear the mess before taking on a new challenge.

Ice Scream 1 apk free

Explore spooky places

The unexpected destinations of the ice cream seller are always a surprise for you. Because you never know where the next stop in your life will be, there is always a feeling of fear. And that feeling is not wrong; go to the wrong place and take the punishment. Here everything is old, a wild place without people. So you rush in here and start looking when you run down from the truck. Maybe there are many other children here, and your neighbors and close friends are also being threatened. Enjoy the magical moments and heart-pounding suspense. Came here, watching what they would do to humans and then taking measures to prevent it.

Ice Scream 1 sets off on an adventure to hunt down the fearsome kidnapper. Brave players overcome all obstacles to reach the finish line safely. The lives of those around you depend on your level so do well. The ice cream seller’s appearance is friendly, but only for kidnapping. It would be best if you were wary of all their actions and actively discovered their evil plans. Download Ice Scream 1 mod, and help your friend overcome the kidnapper’s tricks.

Download Ice Scream 1 MOD APK (Menu, Unlocked/God mode) for Android

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