Ice Scream 3 MOD APK 1.1.5 (Dumb enemy)

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NameIce Scream 3 APK
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MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The mysterious and terrifying ice cream seller is back on the streets in Ice Scream 3. If you are a fan of this series of games, you will certainly not be able to ignore its fascinating 3rd part. Continue for a tense escape from the mysterious and dangerous ice cream seller. Ice Scream has built a famous horror franchise. However, this game does not bring elements of gore and danger. Instead, stop at the sudden scare scenes. Therefore, Ice Scream is suitable for all ages to experience it. Then we will continue with the third part of the game. Welcome to Ice Scream 3.

Ice Scream 3 mod

Download Ice Scream 3 mod – Fight the mysterious ice cream van

The height of fear is the moment you are discovered by the ice cream seller on the street. That is Rod’s inspiration and accurate depiction – a mysterious man who drives vans to neighborhoods with many children. He sells something that any kid would love, which is ice cream. That attracted all the kids in town. And also the reason for many mysterious disappearances of many of them. The main character in Ice Scream 3 has a close friend named Mike. Both are innocent kids and love Rod’s ice cream. One day, Mike goes missing, and suspicion takes the protagonist on a scary trip.

You will control the main character, Mike’s best friend. Get in Rod’s van and witness the horrible things he’s about to do. He is a dangerous kidnapper. Pretend to be a gentle and friendly ice cream seller. Then he would capture the children and freeze them. Take him to a mysterious location and do things that have never been known. After hiding in the ice cream truck, you will go to Rod’s place. Begin to find out the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the children. Rescue your best friend and run away from the scary, evil ice cream salesman.

Ice Scream 3 mod apk

Mechanism of stealth action

Rod learned that someone had escaped into his car and went with him to the base. That’s why now he’s searching every nook and cranny to catch you. Players need to control the character to move stealthily and silently. Any movement that makes a noise will get Rod’s attention. He would then frantically search for the fugitive. Instead, use the objects you find. Make fake noises to fool Rod and run to other rooms. The map of Ice Scream 3 is vast and involves many different quests. You have to do the task and run away from the scary ice cream seller in the most innovative way.

Ice Scream 3 mod apk free

Chase around the city

There will be moments when you almost get spotted by this ice cream seller. That’s when the real escape begins. Run as fast as you can. Overcome many obstacles, and solve puzzles while running to block the line that is chasing you. If he is caught, you will have to start your run again. Once you’ve fooled Rod, go back and rescue Mike. It is the last mission that you must complete if you want to finish the game. However, doing it will not be accessible at all. Once unlocked, all the action and puzzles in the game. Combine it all to create your impressive runs.

Ice Scream 3 mod free

Change mode arbitrarily

Story mode is always the most attractive because it is the primary game mode, allowing you to unlock new experiences. However, Ice Cream 3 still has two other ways for you to more of your skills. The first is Ghost mode, as the name suggests. You will be in the form of a ghost and are free to move anywhere. Understand the structure and location of the doors, where essential items are stored, and the traps Rod has created. This mode is mainly used to find the solution if you don’t know how to play. The other way will raise the difficulty level of the story. Instead, create a real runaway challenge for you.

Ice Scream 3 free

The ice cream seller is always a kid’s nightmare when he’s been kidnapped and frozen. Rescue them by sneaking into Rod’s base and fooling him with fake movements. You cannot act haphazardly in any part of Ice Scream’s game. Experience Ice Cream 3 with a journey around the whereabouts of the ice cream truck driver. Uncover the secrets behind his ice cream sales and rescue kidnapped children in a not-so-horror setting. Ice Scream 3 mod is dramatic and scary but will be suitable for all ages.

Download Ice Scream 3 MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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