ICEY MOD APK 1.1.1 (Menu/Weak Enemy/Fast Enemy Kill)

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PublisherX.D. Network
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Weak Enemy/Fast Enemy Kill
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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ICEY plays the role of a strong girl to directly discover the truth about who she is in this vast world. A lot is going on in this robotics engine room, and she comes from here too. Life makes you curious; you are being navigated by a man. You do not want to follow the wishes of others, so you have to stand up and counterattack. You are the one to help ICEY get out of danger and find the truth that she has been wondering about for a long time. The journey is long enough for you to feel things and what to do in each situation. Fighting with giant robots is the fastest way for you to find the truth.

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Download ICEY mod – Learn the truth about the world of ICEY

You can’t feel her every thought just through her eyes. The new action does it all and gives you the best answer in each moment. In this adventure, the narrator always follows you, the voice echoing beside you all the time. Those words are distracting ICEY, and you have to be the one to save it. You can’t just listen to the narrator’s words forever, and sometimes it will distract you; you need to be alert. You realize why you must follow what he says when you can be alone. Players find their way and discover strange things about their life. Every decision you make affects the fate of the girl.

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Against what he said, there was the only way to fight and solve the dangerous things around him. You fight hard and show that you don’t have to depend on anyone, but you will still find the truth. The drastic actions, the enemy is everywhere, so it cannot be tolerated. What is happening to you only you understand; other people are ruining you. Every right decision will bring many surprises in the next journey. A strong girl who constantly asserts herself no matter what the situation. Determined to find the truth, try to shorten the time to know sooner than you are.

ICEY mod apk

Crush your opponent

ICEY starts a war with those who are deliberately playing bad things. They all have strategies, and you will be in danger if you don’t detect them quickly. Directly engage the enemy and obtain a secure source of information. Make your opponent’s respect, and handle neatly in the palm of your hand. Fighting with fast intensity requires players to be agile and calculate unpredictability. There is little time to think; the opponent always waits before you. Many convoluted situations occurred, alone against many love enemies simultaneously. Continuous attack, just a beat late to let the opponent counterattack you painfully.

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Giant bosses

ICEY brings cannon Cyborgs to stop you from finding the truth. They are big, like a giant machine; standing in battle is less than a part of their arm. With such great destructive power, it is difficult to succeed if there is no correct strategy. They attack fiercely, and the blows shoot into sparks; it’s horrible. Many bosses are conspiring to defeat you, so players pay close attention. They turn to counterattack you, and the continuous attacks make you overwhelmed. The quick way to bring them down is to find their weak points, capture them and tear them to pieces immediately.

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Combination of combat techniques

Each combat skill requires professionalism and experience. If you combine hand and foot strokes simultaneously, you must understand the commands well. You are shown the bloodline and the number of punches in the left corner of the screen, based on which to know your body condition. Multiple methods performed simultaneously will bring high efficiency if used correctly. Master your actions, and take up arms to fight your enemies before they counterattack. Your fighting style is always an advantage; being flexible in each match is even more talented. With simple controls that hit the center of gravity, the opponent is destroyed and has no chance of survival.

ICEY accompanies the little girl on the way to find herself. The truth must be exposed clearly, not letting things go in vain. You are always behind ICEY’s actions, responsible for your own decisions. Engage in mighty battles to eliminate dangerous rivalries. Move fast, tackle the enemy, and gather the truth. Enemy issues need to be resolved soon if you want to conquer the world more quickly. Download ICEY mod, fight the tyranny of the narrator, and find your way to know the truth.

Download ICEY MOD APK (Menu/Weak Enemy/Fast Enemy Kill) for Android

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