IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK 7.7 (Unlimited money)

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NameIDBS Bus Simulator APK
PublisherIDBS Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Buses are the most widely used means of transportation. For the car to be operated and moved on the roads, a driver is indispensable. It seems simple, but everything also requires specific professional skills. IDBS Bus Simulator will be a game for you to have a more realistic view of the driver’s job. Perform navigation operations and make the bus travel on the road safely. Driving through the roads of the magnificent Indonesian city isn’t it wonderful? Control the bus smoothly, worthy of being the most professional bus driver.

IDBS Bus Simulator mod

Download IDBS Bus Simulator mod – Drivers drive buses through cities in Indonesia

You have a desire to come to Indonesia once but have not had the opportunity to fulfill your dream. Don’t worry, IDBS Bus Simulator is a solution to make that come true. The unique thing is not only seeing the city but also driving a bus. Take on the role of a real bus driver, and immerse yourself in the rhythm of life in Indonesia. Complete every trip to the fullest, leaving yourself with many beautiful memories. IDBS Bus Simulator also helps you gain more experience when driving and proficiency in handling on the road. A professional driver always needs to meet all requirements from customers, and comply with traffic rules. Are you ready to start your journey?

IDBS Bus Simulator mod free

IDBS Bus Simulator is the most realistic simulation game about driving on the roads in Indonesia. The task that you need to do is to pick up and take the passengers to the place they want. Serve the needs of customers and bring trust to each person. The magnificent streets of each city are also described in detail, providing the best experience. You will be able to see large and massive buildings and structures. Real experience as a driver, overcome all challenges.

IDBS Bus Simulator mod download

Realistic bus system

When it comes to the bus system, the number of vehicles in IDBS Bus Simulator is not too much. Compared to games of the same genre, there are only a few dozen cars. However, it is worth mentioning that each bus is beautifully designed and detailed. That is what speaks of quality rather than quantity. That has been done by IDBS Bus Simulator to bring the most satisfaction to players. Every detail on the car is very realistic, no different from the actual bus. Players are entirely selective, owning a favorite bus to accompany them on every trip.

IDBS Bus Simulator mod android

Obey all traffic rules

Whenever moving a vehicle on the road, it is necessary to obey traffic laws. In IDBS Bus Simulator is no exception, you need to follow the traffic rules. This will be the time when the driver shows his professional skills. Go through safe roads, and do not let unnecessary collisions happen. At the same time, stay on the right side of the road, do not go on the wrong side of the road, and do not run red lights. Following all the rules set will also be a great success for the driver achieves. Professionalism and excellent driving ability will take players to new heights. Affirm your ability, and conquer all challenges.

IDBS Bus Simulator mod apk

Complete the driver’s duty

The player’s role is a driver, picking up and taking customers to where they need to go. The main factor is time and attentive service for each passenger. This will be the decisive premise for your success. It is the customer who creates the source of income, helping you to maintain your job. Therefore, do not let them feel disappointed about the trip. Players also need to improve their driving skills more and more proficiently. Strictly follow all rules when participating in traffic, and operate the vehicle skillfully. The vehicle control mechanism is also provided quite fully by IDBS Bus Simulator. Download IDBS Bus Simulator mod to become a professional bus driver, and see all the beautiful cities in Indonesia.

Download IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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