IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator MOD APK 4.6 (Unlimited money)

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NameIDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator APK
PublisherIDBS Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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What are the mechanics of a truck with so many vital roles operating in Indonesia? IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator will be the game to help you answer that question. Learn to drive an IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator with all the fun mechanics around it. This is entirely unlike the average truck you are used to driving. Because it also has quite a few more functions to do many jobs in Indonesia. Now how will you learn to ride it, complete with instructions for beginners? You will not need a driver’s license because this is a driving simulator. So if you’ve never driven a truck before, it’s even more fun.

IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator mod

Download IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator mod – Learn to drive an Indonesian truck

The main interface of IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator is the 3D model of the truck that we are about to be driven. The camera rotates around its entire design to help you get the most out of it, with a distinctive orange colour, and it is outstanding on any road. There are also many other car models to choose from. But let’s talk about that, starting with the essential things. The most important thing about driving a truck is knowing how to start. Then, of course, the system gives you a large area to practice driving. So after starting, step on the gas and enjoy your first ride before we start with the quests.

The main screen, when you drive, has all the equipment in the truck cab. We have the steering wheel located in the left corner of the screen. Use it to steer the truck in the direction you want. In the right corner are the buttons representing the gas and brake pedals, the buttons to notify the signal lights when participating in traffic. Indispensable brand siren to warn all vehicles on the road. It depends on how you move in the missions. The system will evaluate how you move on the road. Then calculate the number of points you get in your ride. There are specific tasks assigned to you to carry on this truck.

IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator mod apk

Drive according to the rules

Although just a game, IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator is essentially a driving simulation program. Therefore all the control tasks to make the car run are similar to reality. You must perform the operations correctly and in a particular order. Otherwise, controlling the steering wheel when running on the street will be very difficult. Rest assured because players are given many driving lessons for beginners. You learn all a button’s functions, knowing how to use it in such cases. Obeying traffic laws when driving in this game is also extremely important. The collisions will take away a lot of your points.

IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator mod apk free

Earn extra personal income

After you have mastered the process of truck driving, it is the right time to start performing the missions. IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator task list is easy to understand and straightforward. I am just asking you to make trips around the city. It can be delivered or transported to passengers at specific locations. Sometimes it is dealing with problems that occur on the street. After completing the task, you will be rewarded with the corresponding amount. And if you ask what money is for in the game, there is only one answer. That is owning more brand-new cars for yourself. To do that, complete as many tasks as possible to get a car collection.

IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator mod free

Changing driving experience

There’s not just a basic orange truck in the game. You can also buy many new truck models if you have enough money. Get money from the tasks that you have completed. Then go to the store and choose your favourite car model. Each truck has different prices depending on the design, engine, and capacity. Let’s start buying cheap cars to practice driving more proficiently. After you have mastered driving, then you can start buying expensive cars. They have improved systems and more gasoline. You will travel longer distances without taking much time to refuel. It was just one of many fascinating experiences.

IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator free

Driving a truck in real life is much more complex and time-consuming. However, the exercises and tasks for you to experience have shown a specific part of the job of a truck driver. IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator will be for those who want to approach and learn how to use road vehicles. Especially trucks – one of the most challenging vehicles to control in traffic. IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator mod will give you a few fun basics.

Download IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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