Idle Harbor Tycoon MOD APK 1.05 (Unlimited money)

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NameIdle Harbor Tycoon APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Idle Harbor Tycoon became a boat business, bringing great trips to customers. You are the operator of all boat engines as well as outsourced services. The best you put in here, always want something meaningful for customers. You build, buy the boat and start building the service, preparing from start to finish. Study every engine on board, and have a clear operating strategy so as not to waste available resources. After each successful boat trip, you will receive money from customers and use that property to upgrade and improve your ship system regularly.

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You are a harbor tycoon, laying out many trains to serve everyone’s travel needs. Customers come to experience and come back if your service is perfect. To achieve that, you must buy and upgrade your ships, equipped with the most modern engines. Adding the number of boats is also essential in case of crowds. Retain customers and find new sources to increase profits for the whole company. Players not only make business strategies but also always focus on customer psychology. They will create the official start of money for your company; making them happy is expanding the business.

Idle Harbor Tycoon mod

Players are managing a system of super terrible tourist boats, and human resources training is not out of control. You can hire outside staff to work together for the company’s growth. In addition, the focus on investing in engines and manufacturing parts also promotes a more sublime business. Ocean adventures are comprehensively executed; everything is tailored before the customer steps on. Greet, serve, and do many things to keep them satisfied. Speed ​​up the service, don’t let them wait long, or you will lose many customers. The longer you play, the better your trading strategy becomes.

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Pier upgrade

Ship managers in Idle Harbor Tycoon always make wise, informed decisions. You know how to choose the best ship, provide complete equipment and regularly renovate. Unlock new designs to serve the maintenance process, and set higher goals. You’re taking your boat to the next level when you upgrade like that. Players can attract a large number of guests if they maintain the improvement of the pier. It has grown into a large boat port from a place containing 1 to 2 small ships. Conquer the sea; wherever you go, your boat moves there. Upgrade facilities on each train, and check the service continuously to avoid errors.

Idle Harbor Tycoon mod apk

Build business know-how

Players can gain experience over time when participating in Idle Harbor Tycoon. There will be bold, unique strategies to win over many other traders. Your plans must be executed accurately, and all calculations must be comprehensive. Everything you decide affects the fate of the boats. When you have a solid strategy, customers will also find your yacht. Connecting with investors is also a great strategy if you know how to balance everything. Put the revenue and reputation of the harbor first to do business. Experience through many levels automatically; you will be on hand in cases.

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Hire professional staff

You are the manager, so all issues must go through you; when doing business, it is understandable to hire employees. Players look to talented sailors to steer the ship out to sea. In addition, the inspection personnel for the engines also need to be carefully selected. You can be ahead of dozens of people but always have the right direction. HR follows you but don’t let them down by how you steer. When employees do a good job, your challenges also become more accessible. They will watch over the harbor with you and grow together. Moreover, customer attention is also paid more attention to and satisfied.

Idle Harbor Tycoon serves customers from the moment they leave the port until the end of the trip. Their problems must be resolved promptly if they do not want to drop in rank. The quality of your boat can slip if it’s not regularly looked after and has no customers. The decision on which service to provide is left to you alone. Many new ship drawings are opened, meaning the opportunity for advancement increases. Players are conquering the sea and the most demanding customers in the city. Download Idle Harbor Tycoon mod, and make your harbor world famous.

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