Idle Magic School MOD APK 2.6.5 (Unlimited holy water, magic fruit)

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NameIdle Magic School APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited holy water, magic fruit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Take on the role of the manager of the magic school, have you ever thought about it? When you come to Idle Magic School, that will be done to build your own school. Arrange and train every student in the school, complete the tasks. Stabilizing order in the school, helping each student to have more necessary skills. Deploy many courses, devise tactics to attract students to register. Realize your dreams through level play and run in the vast magic school. Making the right decisions in all matters, creating the school’s reputation.

Idle Magic School mod

Download Idle Magic School mod – Build a magic school

Idle Magic School will be the place for you to start building the school. Right in the mysterious forest, players will make the first bricks. Players will play an important role, operating all activities that take place. A lot of different tasks are set that you need to complete. Accompany the magician, set the goal to be achieved. Allocate each task, apply every strategy to achieve the desired results. Quickly expanding the territory, owning a spacious school, with many students participating. Put in place a policy to ensure the safety of students, not to let them be disturbed by unwanted problems.

Idle Magic School mod free
Simulate the entire construction process and let you be the main character involved. Open up a magical world, for you to accompany magicians, witches. Focus on recruiting and training them in basic skills. Build dormitories, areas for students to live daily. Step by step, help them become dragon knights, with formidable power. Conquer all challenging levels, earn more gold coins. At the same time, make the school’s reputation more and more known. Develop in each specific phase, change the appropriate strategy in all situations. Quickly expand to a larger scale and have a place in this world.
Idle Magic School mod download

Construction process

You will need to implement the field construction, ensuring quick completion and expanding the infrastructure, providing all needs for students. Build many solid classrooms, prepare many different courses. Turn the wild forest will be shown with a spacious school. The first time will have to go through a whole process of implementation, need to be decisive in everything. Parallel to the construction is enrollment, teachers. Focus on training and improving new strategies to help the school develop more. Decisive everything, taking the school to the next level.

Idle Magic School mod android

Get revenue

There are quite a few challenging tasks that each participating player needs to complete. After each completion, you will also receive the corresponding amount. The unique feature of Idle Magic School is that even when you play offline, revenue is still brought in. Organize all activities to find talents and excellent students. Do everything to make the school’s reputation more and more famous. Use the money earned to change the campus, upgrade the courses to more quality. The amount of money you will receive is quite a large amount when taking on all different jobs. Spend sensibly to accumulate large assets.

Idle Magic School mod apk

Scale upgrade

After a period of school operation, the effort you put in will receive an excellent result. It is also necessary to upgrade the school to meet the needs of all students. Unlock new facilities, roll out more courses and scale more widely. A place with full facilities and modern facilities is also a way to attract students. Leverage the money you’ve earned to make, rapidly increase revenue with upgrade policies.

Bringing many exciting experiences, play whenever you want. Everything will happen with many exciting happenings for you to experience when playing. Make your own choices, make the school more crowded. Explore the school and make the right decisions. Download Idle Magic School mod to manage all activities taking place in the magic school.

Download Idle Magic School MOD APK (Unlimited holy water, magic fruit) for Android

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