Idle Mars Colony: farm tycoon MOD APK 0.14.0 (Free shopping)

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NameIdle Mars Colony: farm tycoon APK
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The idea of ​​farming on Mars seems pretty crazy, but you will experience it immediately when you download Idle Mars Colony: farm tycoon. Your mission is not great at all. Instead, create a fertile growing farm on Mars. An excellent beginning for the industrial empire on Mars will begin to take place. Can you sustain the growth of plants on this barren planet? Show your abilities in Idle Mars Colony: farm tycoon right now. The game will make you feel familiar with many previous farm games. Be a farmer on Mars to change the atmosphere.

Idle Mars Colony farm tycoon mod

Download Idle Mars Colony: farm tycoon – Create a great farm on Mars

You are an astronaut who has just landed on Mars – one of the most inhospitable planets in the solar system. Exploring this planet for a long time gives you an idea of building an entire farm on Mars. This is possible because you store many plants and animals inside the spaceship. So, what are you waiting for, do not start doing it right away? We will begin by creating plots of land for farming. Then there is the storage of a considerable amount of water to irrigate the plants that will be sown on Mars once you have a few sizable acres.

Somehow, plants can be grown on Mars quite quickly. You will harvest them and put them in the food storage at a certain point. There are many different types of plants for you to grow. All are common and familiar such as rice, sunflower, tomato, pumpkin, carrot… They will be your primary food source in living on Mars. If there were only plants, it would be boring to grow them day in and day out. Adding animals will make your food source richer. They can also move on the surface of Mars to make the place come to life like a farm on Earth.

Idle Mars Colony farm tycoon mod apk

Plant and animal development

In the early stages, your priority will be your crops and the animals you have bred on Mars. Rest assured, it’s protected in an isolated layer from the Martian atmosphere. Even animals have their spacesuits. Your farm on Mars will be bustling and unique. All creatures have protective gear but still function happily and comfortably. Animal resources are also diverse when you have stables of cows, chickens, goats, sheep, and many more. They provide a source of meat and ingredients for the body, from eggs, milk, and feathers to make more exciting products.

Idle Mars Colony farm tycoon mod apk free

Construction of important works

Creating products about farming and animal husbandry, what else are you missing? Those are the factories and workshops to process those products. If you’re worried when you don’t have building materials, don’t worry. We will mine the raw materials directly on Mars. Build food processing zones from plants and meat. Textile workshop for the processing of the collected animal hairs. Dairy factories and egg packing should also be created. Make use of all materials to create plant processing works. You will pack them up and send them back to earth to sell at a high price. And that’s how you get rich on Mars.

Idle Mars Colony farm tycoon mod free

Upgrade working equipment

Growing crops on Mars will be a little more special with Earth as there are additional supporting devices. Automated machines help you water plants, fertilize, feed animals, and build production structures… These are modern robots built to do everything you love. Bridge. Since you are alone, it isn’t easy to do everything. Use materials to upgrade these devices. They will be larger and handle more work in less time. Not only create one device, but it can be a lot to run your entire farm. So you need to come to check the work and collect the results only.

Idle Mars Colony farm tycoon free

Creating an industrial park on Mars is a unique and creative idea. However, at present, humans cannot reach such a level. But a few mechanics appear in Idle Mars Colony: farm tycoon will give people an idea of ​​farming on another planet. Download Idle Mars Colony: farm tycoon mod to create a prosperous farm with bustling animals on the harshest planet of the solar system.

Download Idle Mars Colony: farm tycoon MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android

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