Idle Pet Shop MOD APK 0.5.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameIdle Pet Shop APK
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Sen, boss, or swag is not a strange phrase for most modern young people. They are used to name the relationship between people and their lovely pets. Having an animal in the house has been around since our forefathers. However, nurturing and caring for a “pet” has only become popular in recent decades. Many people joke that even though they don’t have a lover, dogs and cats must have them. And these lotuses are never shy when spending a large amount of money to buy things for bosses. Are you among them? Idle Pet Shop is for you if you are also a fan of cute animals.

Idle Pet Shop mod

Download Idle Pet Shop mod – Build your pet shop

Idle Pet Shop for players to create a simulated animal shop. Owning lovely virtual bosses is also very interesting if obstacles prevent you from raising pets in practice. At Idle Pet Shop, you will control all the business activities of the store. You make even the map of the location of the comfort areas. You know, each animal will have different preferences and survival conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to set up many suitable subdivisions in the pet shop to maximize the types of pets. Make sure your passion store is not only a place to keep the bosses but also has spaces for them to play and thrive.

Idle Pet Shop apk

The demand for lotuses in pet shops is enormous. So your pet shop needs a full range of services related to the care and rearing of animals. For example, crossbars for dogs to practice high jumping. Or a rotating cage for hamsters to race in their spare time. Adding a ball house with climbing spots for cats is also pretty cool. The Idle Pet Shop must not only make pets happy but also make their owners happy. So let’s create a comfortable place for customers to come more every day. Maybe players can make friends with countless lotuses who share their interests from Idle Pet Shop.

Idle Pet Shop mod apk

Store manager

In Idle Pet Shop, the player is not a pure lotus but also has great responsibility. It was the owner of a store. Therefore, you should at least know how to manage this particular store. Many young people of all genders also love animals like you, so the number of guests can be overwhelming. Along with that, buying, selling, exchanging, and returning are continuously occurring. Sometimes they even overlap because the store has so much support. Therefore, find your pet shop talented and professional cashiers. They will help you with money-related work, revenue, and expenditure. Not just one, but sometimes two or three cashiers are needed.

Idle Pet Shop apk free

Get more pets

As an owner of Idle Pet Shop, you should also be familiar with the trends that customers choose today. Now, not just puppies or small cats are beloved animals. Even horses, rabbits, turtles, and mice… are also friendly pets with them. So make an effort to collect many animals in the store. In addition, each type of dog, cat, and mouse is also divided into many different breeds. You can find them in the store. Let’s earn more money to bring them back to Idle Pet Shop. Nurturing and watching the beauty of a pet grow up day by day will indeed be very interesting. In particular, unlike raising a boss in a real house, Idle Pet Shop does not need you to clean up their waste.

Idle Pet Shop android

Upgrade and customize the store

When the Idle Pet Shop is running smoothly and increasing the number of visitors, you should upgrade the store on many fronts. This will first help our pets have better living conditions. Second, customers will be happy to visit. Third, help promote the advantages that Idle Pet Shop collects. You can renovate facilities, tools, and animal subdivisions. In addition, buy more rare animals, for example. In particular, you can upgrade the cashier with Idle Pet Shop. But you need to earn money to be eligible to hire them to work. For example, if you want to hire Sophia, which is very popular with customers, you need to generate 1 million dollars.

Idle Pet Shop is a straightforward pet game. In the form of a simulation of a virtual animal store, you can also test your management and business skills. The design has the leading pink tone, and the running pets make you feel immersed in that person’s loveliness. Through this, you have the opportunity to understand more about many other pets besides the familiar dog and cat. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to connect the lotuses. Download Idle Pet Shop mod and own a pet shop.

Download Idle Pet Shop MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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