Idle Sand Tycoon MOD APK 1.7.5 (Unlimited money)

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NameIdle Sand Tycoon APK
PublisherSolid Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Idle Sand Tycoon exploits the player’s potential; you can ultimately become the boss. You manage a line that specializes in producing sand and bricks, materials for use in construction. Expand the industry where you are doing business, and continuously invest for significant growth. Your assets need to be rotated; whatever you invest in, that array will be profitable. Just like that, your business is promoted more; you will always maintain the factory. If the company is doing well, keep it that way. If there are more fluctuations, think of it as a challenge to conquer and overcome to gain more new lessons.

Idle Sand Tycoon

Download Idle Sand Tycoon mod – Create a sand production line

Players operate a sand factory; if they want to expand, they can trade more bricks to build houses. These raw materials will be brought into the factory and processed according to the process. Working parts are divided into tasks, and each stage in the chain is connected. You import sand materials from the sea; a significant ship will carry them to the factory for you. Buying sand from the sea will help you ensure quality and be easier to handle. The amount of sand is divided into each area to be successfully processed before being delivered to customers. Receive orders from multiple sources to earn extra income every day.

You are the big boss, so all activities in the business follow the rules that you have established. That means the player will manage the entire production phase, and the minor jobs will also come to you. The player showing the ability to operate and maintain the operating status is a matter of concern. Your lines are installed with modern equipment and fast processing speed. With such a good product effect, your trillion-dollar property will soon arrive. Each stage is quality assured; make sure nothing goes wrong. To overcome this situation, it is necessary to maintain the machine regularly.

Idle Sand Tycoon apk

Scaling up

Initially, the player only owns a small factory area with one to two operating machines. Gradually, a favourable business has changed your life. Scaling is the first thing that comes to mind when you have a surplus. Fill the gap with advanced machines, adding new lines as well. The scale of operations is getting bigger and bigger; players are developing their empires. Expanding the category and producing more bricks is a way for you to reach more customers. Construction materials have been released with the complete versions. The workload when scaling starts to increase significantly.

Idle Sand Tycoon mod apk

Hiring a sales manager

Idle Sand Tycoon gives you a list of suitable candidates for players. Among them, all can manage factories and become ordinary workers. The sales director is probably the high-ranking position you’ve always held. When conducting such a massive expansion, more people are needed to support it. Those who are full of talent and knowledge will become reliable members. They are in charge of management with you, creating strengths in human resources. Running your business is fine, but creating jobs for others is more interesting. Now, you have become an actual owner.

Idle Sand Tycoon mod 1

Huge wealth

Finding new maps is one of the quests that players are aiming for. This is how you can scale and create more products simultaneously. In developing industrialization, the economy boomed, so more raw materials were needed. The demand for using diamonds is also growing; this item is also worth mining. Challenge yourself with new items; orders will be boosted, and so will your sales. An efficient production line is when you run things well; the smoothness is not always permanent. Your asset block is only enhanced when productivity works effectively; let’s grow together.

Idle Sand Tycoon allows you to become the head of a sand production business. In the future, we still have to develop the whole world to find opportunities for ourselves. Invest now to make the following stages go smoother. They are exploiting new management forms, working hard to expand other lands. Your search for the islands; how long will the empire development journey take? Make decisions that affect the growth of the whole business. Download Idle Sand Tycoon mod, start a business, trade sand and brick products on the ma.

Download Idle Sand Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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