Idle Space Farmer MOD APK 1.10.3 (Unlimited money, daily rewards)

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NameIdle Space Farmer APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, daily rewards
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Idle Space Farmer builds a farm in space and manages and develops the most powerful of all times. You are the one to choose the farm size; of course, you still have the right to expand it when you can afford it. Extremely hot Waifu characters, with you, to own large farms. Unlike the usual farm used to grow crops and raise livestock, here you present monsters and waifu. That unique point excites you from the first time you join. The main goal when you invest is to find the strongest demon to be able to protect your living space. All exciting things are still waiting in front; quickly grab the opportunity to become the boss.

Idle Space Farmer apk free

Download Idle Space Farmer mod – Manage waifu characters on the farm

Idle Space Farmer is equipped with more than 50 waifu choices, so players feel free to explore. Indeed you will have a good experience, try to explore all the characters. The diverse colors of each waifu it is enough to make you restless and want to conquer right away. Different levels will also reveal many new feelings. To grow the farm, you will need to collect many waifu into the squad. These characters generate income for you, so don’t miss it. As a manager, you are always looking for ways for them to maximize the capabilities they possess. Your strategies are all reflected in the results you achieve, let’s wait and see!

Idle Space Farmer mod apk

Idle Space Farmer will rank an excellent farm manager or owner in the ranking list. Large and small rewards will be given to you; this is the source for you to upgrade the farm. To promote human resources to develop farming work, it is necessary to build scale. The characters you own will take on many different roles, and you should assign them to each person. With diverse positions requiring a person in charge, you can let everything work automatically when you reach the top. Then your management work is also much idler. The more you develop your power, the more income you make; try on many levels!

Idle Space Farmer android

Empire expansion

Idle Space Farmer has enough ability for you to exploit the growing farm. With the created monsters, it proves your class position in the market. Expanding and raising the level of agents is the stepping stone for you to develop your farm. Please take it to the next level, and achieve even more. Owning a farming empire worldwide is your goal when participating in this game. Build a million-dollar farm, then you sit and receive money without touching the screen. That feeling is so happy, isn’t it? That’s the advantage when you expand the empire. Self-development in its way, step by step growing and sustainable.

Idle Space Farmer apk

Character upgrade

With a considerable waifu collection that will fill you with energy to carry out the task. Your character needs to level up quickly when the mission is upgraded. Your teammates will reach the maximum level to perform their functions. They will automatically work without your control and still be productive at a high level. That is the main goal; otherwise, you will not be able to rank up. If your character is promoted, the ability to win matches is easy. Search for righteousness according to the star rating they own; from 1 to 5 stars, you should experience it; it’s great.

Idle Space Farmer mod

Collect tons of gold

The development is non-stop; you always need to innovate to increase your income. You will get gold from wars or farm expansion. The completed significant agents are equally profitable compared to other sources of money. Breeding novel animals like mantis, demons, or octopus and upgrading them is a source of income. Many ways for you to collect gold, the amount you can earn is tons, depending on your ability. This realistic simulation has brought you many unexpected experiences. Players make money becoming billionaires, owners of dozens of farms worldwide; it’s top-notch.

Idle Space Farmer opens a new step for you to reach the title of a million-dollar farm owner. It’s not too difficult to achieve in this challenge, as long as you have enough patience. Collect many waifu in space, and perform many vital agents to become rich. Continually expand the empire to cover the world and be known by many people. Grow in size and character in each match to increase income. Download Idle Space Farmer mod, and build the world’s best monster farm system.

Download Idle Space Farmer MOD APK (Unlimited money, daily rewards) for Android

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