Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon MOD APK 3.0.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameIdle SWAT Academy Tycoon APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Police – is one of the top professions that many people have to admire. This is a force full of wisdom, strength, and bravery. So is, the police in your dreams? The entrance exam to a police school is not easy. So have you ever thought of becoming the owner of an academy where elite soldiers are trained? Now Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon gives you a chance to do just that. You can form the best SWAT team on the planet. Those people are taught and trained right at your academy. And soon, when full of skills and knowledge, this tactical team will plunge into practice with many complex tasks. Student excellence brings pride to you.Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon mod

Download Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon mod – Open a professional academy

Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon has a lot of intense and extreme missions. To complete them, the academy’s students need to be trained in many fields. The priority is combat skills. Firstly, students must practice at the shooting range to learn about firearms directly. Second, improve physical strength and endurance in an obstacle course. Third, the case of facing close to the opponent is unavoidable. Therefore, train students in close combat skills. Fourth, sniping requires absolute precision with targets that must be carried out in secret. Thus, the SWAT team members need to keep their breath and hold the gun firmly to defeat a distant opponent.

Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon apk

Besides the traditional training subjects, Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon has to do more. Students need additional tools and skills that are relevant to their current situation. So let’s bring technological advancements, advanced robots, and drones to solve the crime. Professional dogs should also be concerned as they accompany the SWAT force. In addition, the ability to drive and control cars skillfully is essential. The police can be put into the crazy race of bad guys. Or sometimes, you have to practice crashing cars to block the road without killing people. It all takes learning, practice, and practice over and over again.

Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon mod apk

Unlock activities

Theory alone will not make SWAT Academy better. That’s for sure. As the boss, you must find a way to have the activities corresponding to the training fields unlocked. That way, the new future police team gets to practice like the real thing. You’ve probably seen many such activities on TV before. For example, a hostage rescue simulator. The victim has been imprisoned by the bad guy in a closed house that you don’t know what it’s like inside. At that time, the scout team must approach quietly without alerting the perpetrator. Instead, they must combine many skills and tools such as hunting dogs, guns, climbing ropes… Through the training sessions, there will be a bag of experience gained.

Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon android

Complete many missions

In reality, practice is the requirement of SWAT Academy students. Students who have been forged in a great school must return their contributions to society. Your goal – the boss of the academy – is to keep the city safe thanks to the people you recruit. The elite team needs to overcome a variety of tasks not to be fired. For example, when there is a request for help from a hostage, the message board will show two options: refuse or team-up. Indeed, people’s soldiers cannot ignore people in danger. Instead, create an army and save the hostages immediately. How you unlock the mission depends on setting up your battle team. Don’t let anyone lose faith in the sheriff.

Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon apk free

Earn money to upgrade

An academy with tons of modern equipment and hundreds of staff and students required huge fees. Try to have millions, billions of dollars of investment and upgrade for SWAT Academy. Cash and gold allow you to buy more equipment, upgrade your facility, or open new areas for training. Performing tasks is also a great way to make a lot of money. Every time you receive a notification about the incident, you can choose to do it or not with the available reward price of several hundred gold coins. The boss’s job is highly idle if you manage and control the employees well. They will make money for you. Becoming a billionaire of Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon is not tricky.

Simulating an academy, Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon, gives you the experience of managing hundreds of people and huge assets. Invest in great people and get their results back. You will discover a series of training courses typical for elite police officers. Maybe it will motivate you to join this army in the distant future. Download Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon mod and lead your SWAT academy.

Download Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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