Impostors vs Zombies: Survival MOD APK 1.2.9 (Unlimited money/God mode/One hit kill)

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NameImpostors vs Zombies: Survival APK
PublisherGreat Arcade Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/God mode/One hit kill
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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The zombies are on the rise and can unleash an attack to destroy humanity. It’s time for the heroes of the savior to take action. Impostors vs Zombies: Survival mod is the fight against doom from Zombie monsters. A life-and-death battle with no end in sight. The peace and safety of the world rest on the shoulders of brave and intelligent heroes. These formidable challenges can’t stop players from fighting for great ideals and goals. Show these monsters your extraordinary strength in each battle. The bloody and fierce world in Impostors vs Zombies: Survival awaits real warriors in action. A suffocating fighting atmosphere will be the emotion that any player will feel in Impostors vs Zombies: Survival. Are you ready to enter this battle for survival? Let’s go on a mission!

Impostors vs Zombies Survival mod

Download Impostors vs Zombies: Survival mod – Hunting zombies

The hunt for zombies in Impostors vs Zombies: Survival has officially begun. Faced with danger and fierceness, what will you have to do? In this game, the battle between two opposing factions happens swiftly. Players will represent the righteous side. And your opponents will be Zombies. In this fierce battle, each side will try to destroy as many opponents as possible. The advantage of numbers is always one of the advantages that players take advantage of in Impostors vs Zombies: Survival. The theme of killing zombies has been launched by many games. However, in this game, you will be interacting with tiny but compelling characters.

Impostors vs Zombies Survival mod apk free

Coming to Impostors vs Zombies: Survival, you have to learn how to fight and protect yourself. Your chances of survival are in the hands of the players themselves. Deliver effective counter-attacks against the furious onslaught. With this game, there is no room for laziness and lightness. Players always have to fight at high intensity and continuously. Observe and pay attention to all directions where zombies may appear. If you are fierce, the monsters are equally aggressive. The survival power inside each person will help you take timely and correct actions.

Impostors vs Zombies Survival mod apk

The arenas of life and death

The survival arenas that Impostors vs Zombies: Survival creates are highly diverse. Every battlefield will have death and pain. This game company has paid great attention to and invested in the context and map. Not only the vastness but also the constant change of the surrounding scenery. The more monsters you fight and overcome, the more opportunities you have to step into new arenas. Each land, an area that you have passed through, will mark the efforts and efforts you have spent. The land of extraordinary heroes is not afraid of danger and bloodshed. Let’s turn these battlefields into graves of blood-sucking Zombies.

Impostors vs Zombies Survival mod android

Weapons and special skills

The battle for survival in Impostors vs Zombies: Survival always has support from the weapon system. Those are guns capable of finishing off the enemy quickly and effectively. Each hero in the game will be equipped with one or more companion weapons. In addition, players also have the opportunity to unlock special weapons. Such as rockets, grenades… When using these weapons, you will create a more substantial killing effect. With powerful weapons and practical combat skills, you can quickly destroy a series of monsters. A little trick for you is to try to shoot at areas considered weak points of the enemy, such as the head or chest area of ​​a monster.

Impostors vs Zombies Survival mod download

Power up

Upgrading your power will make your victory more likely. There are two upgradeable elements in Impostors vs Zombies: Survival. One is the weapon system. The second is the character’s skills. But to get these upgrades, you need to reach the required level or trade a certain amount of currency. Anyway, you should invest in this feature. Because when you have reached high levels, your battle will be much more difficult. Especially when facing boss bosses.

Impostors vs Zombies Survival mod free

Team mode and unlock new characters

In addition to fighting alone, players can also choose to fight with teammates. In this mode, you will have an additional rescue mission when your teammates are in danger. Moreover, the unity and good coordination among team members is also an essential factor in bringing victory. Discovering more new and effective heroes together is also very interesting. Download Impostors vs Zombies: Survival mod to participate in the battle against bloodthirsty zombies and dedicate yourself to spectacular battles.

Download Impostors vs Zombies: Survival MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode/One hit kill) for Android

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