Infinity Heroes VIP MOD APK 2.7.3 (Menu/One hit kill/God mode/Unlimited skills)

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NameInfinity Heroes VIP APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/One hit kill/God mode/Unlimited skills
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Embark on a journey with talented heroes with Infinity Heroes VIP. Confront dangerous forces in the world to achieve the goal. Gather troops to eliminate the enemy quickly. Grow and collect warriors to create the most powerful force. Confront all opponents and move to each different area. Conquer the peak of victory, bring peace to the region. Adventure to every land, become the most powerful warrior.

Infinity Heroes VIP mod

Download Infinity Heroes VIP mod – Adventure journey with heroes

Infinity Heroes VIP will be the place to bring talented heroes, coordinate to attack. You will be the one to lead them to come up with ways to fight against the enemy. It seems like a simple task, but it also requires many skills. Players cannot be subjective because the enemy will have a lot of tricks. Need to know how to build and concentrate all forces to get the best battle formation. Take advantage of opportunities and energy to create benefits for the whole team. Determined to fight on all fronts to defeat all enemies.

Infinity Heroes VIP mod free

The game’s control mechanism is also quite simple, without doing too many operations. Initially, a warrior in battle and go deep into the match to gather more teammates. Accumulate new experiences to increase your fighting power against a series of enemies. Use the proper warrior for each battle, achieve the desired results. Continuously upgrade combat power to be stronger than the opponent. Every battlefield you go through will have challenges. Combine heroes, create powerful attack combos. Give specific ways to deal with each monster. Make all of them have no chance of survival.

Infinity Heroes VIP mod download

Cooperate with heroes

The main characters in Infinity Heroes VIP are talented heroes. They all represent strength, bravery and appear all over the world. Each warrior will participate in the battle, making attacks on the fronts. Support teammates and cooperate in even the most difficult situations. There are smart attacks, grasping the condition of the game. Use bows and arrows to shoot from a distance, take shields to block bullets… Each warrior will be a contributing factor to victory for the whole team. Try to bring about success, do not make unnecessary mistakes.

Infinity Heroes VIP mod apk

Combat equipment

Weapons are always important, supporting heroes when fighting. Infinity Heroes VIP has provided quite a few different types of equipment for you to choose from. Swords, armour, knives and more will be the thing with the warrior to destroy the enemy. Players also need to know how to use, create damage to beat opponents. Make the most of what is already equipped for defence. Use armour to reduce the danger from attacking enemies, shields for teammates. Each weapon type will also help you gain an advantage, achieving high efficiency while attacking. Coordinate with the army and weapons to create a destructive battle that any force cannot stop.

Infinity Heroes VIP mod android

Compete in battles

PvP matches will bring many challenges and an opportunity for you to show your strength. Participating in battles with attractive game modes will also bring many new experiences. Confront hundreds of opponents, attack consecutively to achieve victory. Experience in each stage, strive to overcome all challenges. All actions will be freely performed by you, hitting the targets. Players can also set up teams with friends, duel in each fierce battle.

Conquer heroes in an endless journey. Build a squad with smart tactics to eliminate the enemy. Step into each battlefield, show your ability against opponents. Possessing the strongest army, knowing how to deal with all enemies. All decisions will be up to you, reaching the peak of victory. Protect allies from enemy damage, fight hard on the battlefield. Join playing Infinity Heroes VIP mod to enter the battlefronts with many exciting emotions.

Download Infinity Heroes VIP MOD APK (Menu/One hit kill/God mode/Unlimited skills) for Android

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