Interstellar Pilot 2 MOD APK 2.0.52 (Menu/Unlimited money)

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NameInterstellar Pilot 2 APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Interstellar Pilot 2 takes you into the world of the stars, exploring mystical motion. This scene is worthy of enjoyment, not a place for a war. But you don’t know; this is where the fights between the spaceships happen, constantly shooting each other until they can be defeated. Please create your universe, and protect it at all costs. Players can access a variety of weapons to fight efficiently. The models are all designed in detail with the energy it delivers; it’s terrible. Anticipation will be endless wars between the most powerful forces on the planet.

Interstellar Pilot 2

Download Interstellar Pilot 2 mod – Explore hundreds of ships

This world is so big ships are constantly being upgraded to be more perfect. You need to own the top battleships to progress more profoundly into the following levels. Go through the stations, stop or hit the opponent’s bow hard. Each ship has a different shape, big and small. Your collection is increasing in quantity, and quality is also guaranteed. You are moving from one area to another, continuously expanding your area of operation, and successfully approaching competitors. Become a top-class military pilot, gathering all the strategies to succeed in each battle.

Interstellar Pilot 2 apk free

To conquer the universe quickly,? You need to develop your fleet of aircraft. The ships possess a solid metal shell, fully structured from the head and fuselage to the stern of the plane. Each part is assembled to create the complete warship. Every ship can fire from the stern and discharge bullets on the wings. The shells are also shaped to be the sharpest, with significant damage. The player accompanies these warships from the beginning until the end of the match. If you expand the level, you can change the new battleship accordingly. But, important is still the upgrade process; focus on it to easily win.

Interstellar Pilot 2 apk

Walk through the stars

The planets in the universe appear here; the extra point in space is the bright stars. This poetic scene, but war always happens; players only consider it as the background, creating a stepping stone for the battle to become more exciting. Go through the giant and minor planets; you can rely on them to dodge bullets from the opponent. Interstellar Pilot 2 will film the journey by piloting aeroplanes with beautiful directions. You and your opponent are ready to wage war against each other, moving to many new planetary regions to explore. It is also an opportunity to experience and vote for the most beautiful space. Enjoy this sparkling space, but don’t forget the mission.

Interstellar Pilot 2 mod apk

Play the way you like

Become a mercenary, merchant or money hunter, whoever controls this warship. When the opponent is in front of you, the number of bullets fired can change dramatically. The opponent doesn’t tell you in advance how often or how fast they fire bullets; everything is random. Players must be careful about the stones thrown at them and safe after the battles. Control to transport passengers or challenge opponents. The control operation formula is the same if it helps you protect yourself. Travel around the beautiful star-studded world and leave your mark.

Interstellar Pilot 2 mod

Construction of the station

Players need to build a station to specialize in maintaining and upgrading warships. Build professional fleets to take turns fighting, and have time to rest for yourself. This place specializes in repairing and customizing the ships you have collected. Controlling the areas in which you participate, many factors will affect this process. If you do not maintain your aircraft well, it is easy to be defeated in a quick time. You also do not have enough strength to fight or counterattack to make the opponent respect you. Therefore, building a station is one of the crucial tasks that players must perform right from the start.

Interstellar Pilot 2 wants you to conquer this vast universe successfully. Go around the stars, planets, earth or sun to feel the beauty. Players have their battle plans, and no one overlaps. Knowing what your opponent means is essential to help you develop your squad. Faced with obstacles, it takes time to judge and launch skills outside. Ability to manage fleets and let them be developed most comprehensively. Try to go through this universe, and crush all the powerful opponents. Download Interstellar Pilot 2 mod, and become an astronaut specializing in controlling warships in space.

Download Interstellar Pilot 2 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android

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