Jewel Secret Castle MOD APK 1.8.7 (Menu/Increase Bosstitem)

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NameJewel Secret Castle APK
PublisherPenta Game
MOD FeaturesMenu/Increase Bosstitem
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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In ancient times, the state was ruled by a monarch or an emperor. They stand above all nations. Thanks to that, the royal family always enjoys supreme privileges. They lived in silk, gold, silver, and jewels and were served by servants. But will that rich life make them happy? We have heard many heartbreaking stories that take place behind palace doors or fairy tale castles. Because according to the old custom, a king can have up to 5 wives and seven concubines. This makes the empress feel sorry for the lack of attention from her husband. Jewel’s Secret Castle also tells about a queen’s misfortune in a feudal castle. So let’s explore this game together.

Jewel Secret Castle mod

Download Jewel Secret Castle mod – Searching for the smile of the queen

Jewel Secret Castle uses the familiar match-3 puzzle motif. To make the game not dull, the producer Penta Game has integrated it into a mystical plot. Jewel Secret Castle is set in a secret castle with a history of thousands of years. Its owner is a beautiful queen. She is powerful and full of love, but some events make the queen lose her joy and smile. Therefore, Jewel Secret Castle challenges you to make the queen fresh again. The gems and gold available at this place are the tools to support you. Make them attractive and attract the queen every day.

Jewel Secret Castle apk

Jewel Secret Castle uses familiar gameplay like other games of the same type. Therefore, it will not take you long to start participating in this game. Your task is to match three jewels together to collect them. However, 3 is not the limit number. The more gems you collect in one move, the more points you get. In particular, Jewel’s Secret Castle allows players to save their progress. You will not need to worry when switching to another device. The operation only consists of simple steps, including selecting Run Game, pressing Setting, and Saving. When switching to another machine, you need to change Save to Load to continue conquering Jewel’s, Secret Castle.

Jewel Secret Castle mod apk

Infinite puzzle game

It can be said Jewel’s Secret Castle is an endless puzzle game. Usually, with other match-3 puzzle games, you have to have enough hearts to start the level. But Jewel Secret Castle did not choose that way. This game has no heart element. Players can freely play hundreds of turns without limitation. Anytime you are free, Jewel’s Secret Castle is always welcome. A level that can be played dozens of times is acceptable. This game is entirely free. It can be turned on anywhere without an internet connection. However, Jewel Secret Castle also includes some paid items. If you find them necessary, go to the store and bid to own any item.

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Thousands of challenging stages

Finding the queen’s smile is not an easy job. This task needs to be carried out over many years. Therefore, you must strive to overcome more than 3000 challenges corresponding to more than 3000 puzzle levels of Jewel’s Secret Castle. The gem treasure will be arranged at each level in a different matrix. This contributes to the diversity of the game. At the same time, it also makes the challenges you face more difficult. At higher levels, jewels can be molded in special blocks. For example, they could be ancient blocks of stone that are sealed and need to be cursed. Therefore, players need to solve those blocks before collecting them.

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Many booster items

However, players need not worry. The makers of Jewel Secret Castle have made a set of tools available to assist players. They are potent power-ups. For example, a bomb can explode at an extensive range. There is also a magic hammer capable of hitting any stone. You can also use seven colored stones to collect any stones on the screen. However, do not overdo these enhancements. They are instrumental but only limited in number. Save for the most urgent situations. Don’t forget to keep track of the number of moves left if you don’t want to replay the same level multiple times.

Jewel Secret Castle is an entertaining game suitable for all ages. It helps to exploit the ability of sharp eyes and logical thinking in each individual. Through solving puzzles, you will learn how to choose moves and tactics. That is an effective way to train thinking through entertainment. Download Jewel Secret Castle mod and solve puzzles to find the smile for the queen.

Download Jewel Secret Castle MOD APK (Menu/Increase Bosstitem) for Android

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