Jewel Steam World MOD APK 1.8.0 (Auto win)

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NameJewel Steam World APK
MOD FeaturesAuto win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Jewel Steam World and James explore the world and conquer match-3 puzzles. Many challenges are set for you to complete before setting foot in a new tourist destination. Players can go anywhere; just choose and start the journey. Your career will be challenging, but that way, you will have more time to experience many different places. Players can be fully challenged with match-3 puzzles and decipher to pass the first stage. Every time you step to a new point, the train passes, and you can do the puzzle. Many exciting things are waiting for you ahead; enjoy the good memories together.

Jewel Steam World mod

Download Jewel Steam World mod – Start traveling the world with trains

James is a veteran in train driving, so the journey is too simple for him. You must help him solve the puzzles so the train can cross more routes. The journey has many different stages; you will see something new happen through each level. Jewel Steam World invests in colorful, match-3 puzzles for you to conquer in one play. Obstacles will also appear; you need to break them to free the gems. All rainbow colors, blue, red, yellow, purple, and the brilliant sky, are in front of your eyes. Working on many novel skins, you will increase your level of play and also need to overcome your limits.

Jewel Steam World requires players to integrate three tiles of the same color; just like that, you will achieve the original goal. Corresponding to the number of turns provided, align it just enough to ensure completion of the set score. All tactics should be applied and need to change flexibly in each case. Many times the deadlock will cause you to fail; the train has to turn back. Visit many locations and score achievements on the leaderboard. The guy James will follow you closely, holding the magic bell to transform your puzzles. Help him fulfill his dream of conquering this vast world.

Jewel Steam World apk

Match-3 puzzle game

With the familiar gameplay of match-3, players can entirely create great things. The number of points in each game screen will be based on the times you combine from 3 or more identical cells. Not only choose the jewels of the same color, but you also calculate how to break the obstacle. The number for you to conquer in each level is set by Jewel Steam World right from the moment you enter; look at it to try. You will perform each corresponding move with a specified number of turns. Control the jewel in the direction you want; up, down, left, and right are all possible. Get a great score and move on to the next game!

Jewel Steam World mod apk

Experiencing the mysteries

There are always extraordinary things in the world that you need to conquer as soon as possible. It can be new lands, new experiences, and new puzzles. Going to many levels, you will find this world is big and gives you many opportunities. With ten years of experience as a train driver, you yearn to discover the remaining mysteries. Jewel Steam World sets 500 levels for players to explore. The turns are entirely separate, so you are like solving a new puzzle each time you play. The challenge is uncountable, and the number of points you achieve should also be proportional. Achieve high achievements, and you will receive many valuable trophies.

Jewel Steam World apk free

Generates powerful energy

This match-3 game will explode if you create unique energy. You will generate power from 4 to 5 of the same squares combined. These magic spells cannot be explained; only know they are highly beneficial for you. With each burst of this energy, nearly all obstacles are broken. Use firecrackers or add hearts to serve for emergencies. Players can also accumulate this energy for the next play or create it on the field. The interface each time is designed differently, which puzzles real players. You must make the right moves to ensure the goal is conquered.

Jewel Steam World travels the world in just one magic train. Its travel speed depends on your match-3 puzzle level. Levels increase gradually, and you need to hone your playing skills more. There will be surprises that the world brings and puzzles as well. Players can fail at a level many times but don’t give up, and success will come soon. Generates a lot of powerful energy and breaks obstacles. You win, complete within the specified turn and still succeed with the required number of items. Download Jewel Steam World mod, solve lots of puzzles and set foot in the land you love.

Download Jewel Steam World MOD APK (Auto win) for Android

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