Jewels Magic MOD APK 24.0222.01 (Auto clear Stage)

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NameJewels Magic APK
MOD FeaturesAuto clear Stage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Welcome to the magical land Jewels Magic mod. Where players can search for and own sparkling gems of many colors and values. This will be a memorable adventure and discovery journey. The followers of the match 3 puzzle game series will indeed be attracted and conquered by this game. A world filled with eye-catching shapes and full of colors. They will make you eye-catching and hard to resist. Precious treasures gathered from gems will bring glory and fame to the player. Only competent and talented people can do that. Are you one of such people? Let Jewels Magic get the most convincing answer when going through the challenges in the game. From simple questions to more complex and difficult questions. They are arranged by level with continuous development.

Jewels Magic mod

Download Jewels Magic mod – Conquer jigsaw puzzles

Gemstone is something that in life everyone wants to own and own. They bring financial resources and confidence to the owner. And in fact, the number of gems we are likely to hold is not much. If not, it’s scarce. Only the wealthiest people have access to such precious things. When you come to Jewels Magic, you will look at them in a completely different direction. Do not discuss the material value of the gems. Instead, we will have to overcome the challenges created by the world of colorful gemstones. Those are the exciting match 3 challenges but no less complicated.

Jewels Magic mod apk

Coming to Jewels Magic, the player’s goal is to become a master of solving puzzles. Based on your observation and thinking ability to find similar connections. Thereby you will create effects to make these stones disappear from the map. Each such disappearance will bring a score to the player. This combination is quite versatile. They only need to be created in a straight line with a minimum of 3 stones for an effect to occur. The variety of layouts and arrangements in Jewels Magic will create challenges.

Special effects

The most common way is explosions created by 3 of the same gems. These ways do not bring many scores to the player. And you also have to spend more time completing the level. To make a difference, you will need to take advantage of special effects. These include boosters, jewel bombs, lightning Jewel… Each of these effects will produce different results. At the same time, the number of gems to achieve each effect is also different. For example, with five consecutive diamonds, you will have gem bombs. Thanks to it, the diamonds on the diagonal will be destroyed in mass. You quickly make the map simple and win double scores. The level will end earlier than the expected progress.

Jewels Magic mod android

Pass hundreds of levels

The different levels created in Jewels Magic are the biggest attraction of the game. They create opportunities for players to improve their observational and challenge-handling abilities. With Jewels Magic, the number of levels is considered diverse. Hundreds of different groups will be an endless playing field that not everyone can go to the final level. This journey will probably take a lot of time and effort from each gamer. It takes perseverance and ongoing efforts to reach the sweet fruit. The surprises ahead and who is the best are still unanswered mysteries.

Challenge with friends

Participating in competitions with other players will make you more interesting. This is a way to change the wind to reduce boredom. This competition will bring new and different emotions. You will have to overcome two other pressures. One comes from the challenge of the match itself. Two coming from your opponent are playing against. The great emotions the game creates will always be what every gamer wants.

Rewards and rankings

Many valuable rewards are waiting for players to take home. The biggest tip any gamer will set as a goal to try is the champion. Step by step, complete your goal setting. Persistence and hard work are the keys to success. You need to follow it to the end. Download Tavern Rumble mod to overcome exciting match 3 challenges in the world of colorful sparkling multi-precious stones.

Download Jewels Magic MOD APK (Auto clear Stage) for Android

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