Journey Decor MOD APK 5.4.0 (Unlocked all maps)

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NameJourney Decor APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all maps
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Journey Decor offers the opportunity to players passionate about home design with a holistic aesthetic. When entering this colorful world, day and night, you get lost in wonderful creations. You invent new houses and renovate living spaces to become more beautiful. Players try to find their path through unique works created by you. To do that, you need to overcome the exciting match-3 game that is highly familiar. This is a stepping stone for you to step into the following rounds, bringing many fancy architectures. Besides, when you know the construction idea, the match-3 puzzle also helps you be more creative.

Journey Decor android

Download Journey Decor mod – Become a great designer

Journey Decor is a playground for those who are passionate about design and want to build their dream apartment. The past sketches about the architecture are also made by your hands, done from start to finish to show your dedication. To make a complete house not only requires professional knowledge but also requires an aesthetic eye. Expansive vision to consider the size and layout so that it is reasonable; otherwise, the house looks messy. Equipment or decorative objects also need to be carefully selected before being used. The design styles are flexibly varied according to your preferences. Complete a house, and show it to the world.

Journey Decor apk free

This is an opportunity to open your eyes if you want to dive into the design field. Players can tour around the world, meet, and try to improve. Many exciting things will be waiting for you, and the back stories have not been revealed. Join with enthusiasm to increase your chances of upskilling. When a particular success is achieved, your work will automatically be recognized throughout the country. Get to know more famous works through match-3 games while playing and adding creative ideas. Try your best in all circumstances, even when the weather conditions do not allow it. Nothing can stop your love for home design.

Journey Decor apk

Set foot anywhere in the world

For an ordinary person traveling around the world is a dream come true. As for a young engineer, it’s like catching gold. Players are led by Journey Decor from Paris to Tokyo, learning the traditional and sophisticated culture. Or fly from New York to London to see the beauty of nature, inspired by modern buildings. With only a compact suitcase, the booty holds the whole world. That’s so proud for a person working in the design industry; every moment traveling through the country retains beautiful memories. The architectures in the world are beautifully created; look at them creatively but add knowledge.

Journey Decor mod

Do a match-3 puzzle

With the familiar name match-3, it has been quite popular with those who have played the game a lot. The game is simple, find 3 of the same color and swap them to create a complete move. Players need to use the keyboard shortcuts up and down, left and right are controllable. As long as you make a line of 3 identical cells, it’s okay. Or to get a higher score by matching four tiles with the same similarity, creating released energy. The boxes with support items, you should focus on them to dominate and play faster. The prize for the puzzle winner is the design inspiration. This is extremely important to you, showing many different styles.

Journey Decor mod apk

Design your style

Successfully carrying out remodeling or building a new home is also very difficult. You have to calculate how good each room is a different idea. The exact layout cannot be duplicated, and there must be a new highlight to prove your ability. Classic or modern, luxurious or dear, gentle are all interesting. Put each picture on the wall, arrange each piece of furniture in the room, thinking it’s simple, but now it’s so difficult. But that’s how you show your love for architecture and an eye for aesthetics. How much beauty and beauty do you put into these works of art.

Journey Decor is a long journey for those who love design. Detective stories also need to be discovered, and new works must be acquired. Travel worldwide to know more things and find yourself more beautiful drawings. No matter the style, if you have talent, always excel. Play with friends to get more people to know about your work. Players are also swept up in exciting weekly events, with hundreds of tasks to perform. Download Journey Decor mod to create creative ideas for your own home.

Download Journey Decor MOD APK (Unlocked all maps) for Android

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