Joy Blast MOD APK 3.2.6 (Menu, Unlimited Lifes/Moves/Boost)

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NameJoy Blast APK
PublisherLibra Softworks
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Lifes/Moves/Boost
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The match-3 puzzle game from the beginning was designed and didn’t have much other content. Now that’s all changed, and Joy Blast is a prime example. We have more content and new updates to push players to continue experiencing challenging match-3 puzzles. From building cities, traveling around the world, rescuing game characters… All appear in Joy Blast. The content of this game is diverse and for almost every gamer. Do you love to travel and want to explore many countries in the world? Or do you want to design and build your dream city? Joy Blast meets all those requirements.

Joy Blast mod

Download Joy Blast mod – Puzzle and experience everything

Joy Blast is a collection of many mini-games in one big game. Of course, it can still be played on compact smartphone devices. The game will consist of thousands of consecutive numbered match-3 puzzles. Players will solve and complete each level to receive rewards. The reward will impact the development of the remaining content. For example, build a new building in your city. Unlock the next travel destination with lovable characters. Or simply rescuing a hideaway that is about to be in danger of fire. The difficulty of the puzzles will gradually increase to challenge the most innovative players. As for the rules of the game, we almost know everything.

In case you have never been exposed to match-3 puzzle games. You will solve puzzles by stacking blocks together in a straight line until you reach enough points or complete specific tasks that the game screen requires. The way to do the puzzle is not difficult when just swiping your finger on the screen. But how to win and perfect it is another story. Sharp observation and thinking will help you get an advantage and win in a limited number of turns. Joy Blast will have a few tools to help you easily win the level. But most will rely on your thinking and moves to bring rewards.

Joy Blast mod apk

City building and tourism

These are the two main content and leave the player’s impression of Joy Blast the most. When you win the puzzles, you will receive a reward of any amount. Use them to buy and build buildings inside your city. Making the city more diverse with food shops, shopping malls, children’s play areas, and works imbued with cultural identities of many countries. In addition, you will also move to famous cities in the world. Go to France, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Mexico… And observe the different landscapes and buildings. Traveling also gives you more gifts and beautiful memories.

Joy Blast mod apk free

Relaxing mini-games

A simple puzzle game like Joy Blast can also contain engaging mini-games of the same genre. You will again experience the legendary Pinball machine’s simple and easy-to-play design. Or Lucky Dice to try your luck and try to finish in the shortest time. All of these mini-games have rewards if you win or hit milestones. Most rewards will be a large amount of money for you to build a city or travel. Sometimes if you are lucky enough, you will receive lovely souvenirs. For example, suppose you don’t want to be too headache with complicated match-3 puzzles. Take time to relax with mini-games to relax and perfect your experience.

Joy Blast mod free

Highlights leaderboard

So you will wonder how this game will use to have players compete against each other. That’s from the score on the leaderboard. This leaderboard will require a network connection to access it because it publishes the score of players around the world. Based on the number of match-2 levels you have passed. You will know which level the top players on the leaderboard have gone to. Want to put your name on that leaderboard? Then pass as many levels as possible. This ranking is not meaningless because it will reward you when you get a certain rank. And everyone knows that the higher the position, the more attractive the reward will be.

Joy Blast free

A puzzle game with lots of interesting and exciting extras. Suitable for playing with friends or family at leisure. Work together to figure out how to solve tricky match-3 puzzles. Joy Blast is excellent entertainment that remains competitive among multiplayer. Who will be the genius with the highest number of levels passed? Download Joy Blast mod and test your brain with everyone.

Download Joy Blast MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Lifes/Moves/Boost) for Android

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