Kingdom Guard MOD APK 1.0.374 (Menu, Onehit)

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NameKingdom Guard APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Kingdom Guard mod is an attractive strategy game developed by tap4fun. When you join, you will experience everything in the style of a legendary goalkeeper. In particular, players can not only fight the army of cunning monsters. And in addition to that, there was also the presence of dragons. Although Kingdom Guard has tactical elements, the background music provided is quite amusing. Therefore, you will feel the most comfortable even in urgent cases. The task that the player needs to perform is to protect the rare dragon egg. Along with that is defeating the goblins to save his kingdom. So, the most delicate details will be revealed by you!

Kingdom Guard mod

Download Kingdom Guard mod – Destroy monsters to protect the territory

The characters appearing in Kingdom Guard will surely be no stranger in everyone’s childhood. In particular, the game also combines a unique defensive tactical gameplay that makes many people passionate. Therefore, the number of downloads on Google Play also increases day by day. The positive reviews are all given by those who have participated. For example, leading a team of soldiers to make perfect strides to defend the homeland will not be easy. But when you complete it, you will feel proud of yourself too. Try to train a strong team of soldiers to fight hard.

Kingdom Guard mod apk

Standing on the brink of destruction, you will have no choice but to stand up against the enemy. Kingdom Guard will unleash giant monsters for you to deal with. None other than the Titan team. They are slowly entering your kingdom with the ambition to claim the sacred dragon egg. That dark army will continuously attack you to achieve that plot quickly. Therefore, you can’t let those monsters get pleased. Players need to come up with many solutions to prevent this overbearing attack. And to be successful, the best way is to deploy new tactics. Then, you can confidently face the evil enemy.

Kingdom Guard mod download

Hero selection

Players can find countless heroes at Kingdom Guard, sworders, archers, magicians, healers, etc. But what you need to pay attention to the most is how to beat fast and win fast. Kingdom Guard allows you to summon the hero’s skills simultaneously. Pay attention to each person’s stats on the bulletin board. Each hero will have a different appearance so you won’t be bored. What’s more remarkable is that the build is also changed after each upgrade. The heroes will become more professional every time they face evil enemies. Try to complete the mission of the level to unlock more new heroes.

Kingdom Guard mod android

Unite the powerful army

During your adventure in Kingdom Guard, you will experience different locations. For example, there is ice terrain, sand desert, and even a lava map to challenge you. So, as a leader, you need to be discerning in all situations. Uniting the team of heroes will make your faction stronger. In addition, continuously training and upgrading skills will surprise you when fighting. In particular, players need to build solid defensive towers so that no one can touch the egg.

Kingdom Guard mod free

You will again encounter evil bosses with great power as you progress further. At that time, regain your composure so that you can find the loophole and obliterate it. Remember, once the level has started, that’s when you need to focus. Only then will new players quickly overcome the challenge. Download Kingdom Guard mod to build a strong defense squad and fight evil monsters.

Download Kingdom Guard MOD APK (Menu, Onehit) for Android

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