Knight’s Edge MOD APK 2.4.2 (Menu/Max battle pass)

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NameKnight’s Edge APK
PublisherLightfox Games, Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu/Max battle pass
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Fighting monsters and becoming a good warrior will not be too difficult. Enter the battles in Knight’s Edge and show your power. Attack each enemy with powerful weapons. Fight and defeat all of them to get to safety. Conquer each challenge, worthy of the title of the strongest warrior. Protect the area, prevent the action caused by monsters. Knight’s Edge will be a place for players to join the battle, rescue the land from the dangerous darkness.

Knights Edge mod

Download Knight’s Edge mod – Find the light for the area

The monsters will find ways to invade your land. Make army formations and attack together on the fronts. Two armies will face each other, players need to lead the whole team to battle. Achieving the goal of destroying all enemies will not be easy. Command the army to attack and resist all counterattacks from the opponent. The evolution of each game will take place, all handling will be up to the player. Knight’s Edge is suitable for those who love fighting gameplay. Master the battle and enjoy the thrilling atmosphere through the battle stages.

Knights Edge mod free

Throughout the game, your task will be to use weapons and fight. Control the character to move, towards the enemy. Go to a certain distance and attack consecutively towards the enemy. Destroying all the enemies is also the time when you get the victory. Create an advantage for the army, not giving the enemy a chance to counterattack. Combination closely and don’t let them take you down. Go on into more battles to come and be one of the mighty heroes. Find smart, strategic ways to fight each enemy.

Knights Edge mod android

Attack boss

Enemies will appear in battles, giving consecutive counterattacks. You will have to face dangerous monsters with strong destructive power. They are the force behind commanding their armies to carry out the attack. With a large amount of HP and muscular strength, bosses can completely take your life at any time. Make attacks, quickly defeat each evil boss. Find their weak points to win. Learn more about them to have a suitable fighting style. There is no need to be too hasty when confronting them, quickly dodging the dangerous attacks that monster bosses cause.

Knights Edge mod apk

Weapon unlocks

Weapons are very important things, contributing to creating great power for players. Contribute to creating the most special attacks. Knight’s Edge has provided some essential weapons for you to fight each enemy easily. Make the most of your weapons, deliver powerful counterattacks, and destroy any opponent you want. Bows, axes and more, will all be the perfect equipment for players to fight. Collect equipment and upgrades to maximize your combat ability. Gain many advantages, do not fall into the dangerous traps of your opponents. Unlock new battle perks as you progress to the following levels. Eliminate all enemies with a single attack.

Knights Edge mod download

PvP battle

Participating in PvP battles always creates an exciting atmosphere, attracting players. Gather formidable opponents, extreme fighting power. This is also the time to show your strength and gain experience. You will encounter any army of monsters. Fight and find someone who can resist the boss, become the only one to survive the battle. Strictly control each direction of the enemy, timely prevent all actions. Determined to fight hard, join the fight in 3v3 battles. Coordinate with teammates, promote strengths to achieve goals. Using a reasonable strategy, Unity will be the fastest way to destroy all enemies.

The battles are intense but also create many exciting experiences. Start with the journey to fight to protect the area from evil forces. Confront a series of monsters, build the most vital offensive formation. Download Knight’s Edge mod role-playing warriors, dominating all dangerous enemies.

Download Knight’s Edge MOD APK (Menu/Max battle pass) for Android

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Fizzy Joon
Fizzy Joon
1 year ago

Need an update please to v1.17.0

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